No.  57-366

Petition  for  the  Adoption  of

Ruby  Hester  Yarbrough

Sarah  Jane  Weaver,

Shelby Circuit Court 
October Term 1906.

Box 834

Edward H. Chadwick,
               Atty for Petitioner.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the Shelby Circuit Court,
October term 1908.
In the Matter of the Adoption of
RUBY  HESTER  YARBROUGH.        Petition

            The undersigned,  Sarah Jane Weaver,  a resident of Shelby County, Indiana, respectfully shows to the Court that she is an unmarried woman, being a widow, that she desires to adopt as her child and heir at law  RUBY  HESTER  YARBROUGH,  a female infant, who was born on the 15th day of February, A.D., 1908, and is therefore now past the age of three (3) years; that said infant is now a resident of Shelby County, Indiana; that said infant has no property, real or personal, of any description or value whatever; that the mother of said infant is dead; that said infant was not born in lawful wedlock, as this petitioner is informed and believes; but the name and residence of the father of said child, if living, is unknown to this petitioner, and said father, if living, has never contributed to any extent to the support or care of said child.  The Petitioner further shows that she is a resident of Shelbyville, in said County and State, and that she is able properly to care for, support and educate said child.
Said Petitioner, being duly sworn, on her oath, declares the above stated facts to be true; and she therefore prays the Court a decree be entered in this Matter of the adoption of said infant by said Petitioner, and that the name of said infant be changed to  RUBY  HESTER  WEAVER.
/s/  Sarah Jane Weaver        

Subscribed and Sworn to before me, the undersigned,
this 10th day of Novemer, A.D., 1908.
Edward M. Chadwick                            
NOTARY-PUBLICShelby County, Indiana,
Commissioned to July 27th 1913.

In the Matter of the 
        ADOPTION  of  

            Comes now  SARAH  JANE  WEAVER  and files the following verified Petition, praying therein for an Order of this Courth adopting as her child and heir at law an infant, named  Ruby Hester Yarbrough,  which petition is in the owrds and figures following, towit: (here insert):

And the Court having examined said Petition, and heard evidence thereon, now finds the averments therein contained to be true, that is to say that said infant is a female child; that said child was born on the 15th day of February 1905 and is, therefore, past the age of three years, and not yet four years old; that said infant has no property of any description or nature, real or personal, whatever; that the mother of said child is dead; that said child was not born in lawful wedlock; that the name and whereabouts of the father of said child is unknown; that the father of said child, if living, has not and does not contribute in any manner nor to any extent to the support of said child; and that for the well being and advantage of said child the prayer of said Petitioner herein ought to be granted.

It is therefore, now ordered and decreed by the Court that said infant,  RUBY  HESTER  YARBROUGHbe and she is hereby  ADOPTED  as the child and  HEIR  AT  LAW of said Petitioner, and that from and after this date she take and be known by the name of her said adopted mother, towit;  RUBY  HESTER  WEAVER;  and that she have and receive, by descent or otherwise, all rights and interests in the estates of said adopted mother that she would be entitled to if said adopted mother's natural heir.

Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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