Percy  L.  Sterling
Almira  Sterling

Shelby Circuit Court Box 689
Filed May 29, 1907 J.H. Deitzer Clerk

State of Indiana County of Shelby SS; In The Shelby Circuit Court
Complaint for Divorce May Term 1907                             
Percy L. Sterling VS Almira Elnora Sterling

The plaintiff Percy L. Sterling complains of the defendant Almira Elnora Sterling and says, that he now is and for two years last past he has been continuously a bona fide resident of the State of Indiana, and for Six months last past he has been and now is a bona fide resident of said County. That heretofore to-wit: On the 15 day of February 1905, he and the defendant were legally married and except the interval hereinafter mentioned, where there was a former separation between plaintiff and defendant, they lived together as husband and wife until the 13 day of June 1905, when by reason of the acts and conduct of the defendant as herein after set out they separated and since said date have lived separate and apart and have not cohabited since said separation.
            Plaintiff says he is entitled to a divorce from the defendant upon the following grounds and for the following reasons to-wit: That as soon as plaintiff and defendant were married the defendant begun and continued to treat the plaintiff with great cruelty and abuse. That one March 17, 1905 the defendant while in violent anger so abused plaintiff and cursed him and called him vile and abusive names and epithets, such as “Damned Liar,” “Fool,” “Son of a Bitch, “ and many other mean, vile and insulting names and epithets. She also ordered and compelled plaintiff to leave her on said date which he did at which time they remained separate and apart for a period of __ days, when she then agreed and promised the plaintiff that if he would live with her again as her husband, she would treat him kindly and affectionately as her husband; The plaintiff believing and relying upon said promise did return to the defendant and lived with her as husband and wife until the said 13 day of June 1905, when by reason of her continued cruel acts and conduct was compelled to and did again separate from her. The plaintiff says that on the 12 day of June 1905 that he started to his daily labor but that instead of going to work that he returned to their home in Indianapolis, Indiana, where they then resided. That on sight of his return to their home the defendant became very much enraged at plaintiff, she at once leaving the house and went to places which are unknown to this plaintiff at this time, and did not return to their home until 6:30 a.m. of June 13, 1905. At which time she while violently angry at plaintiff did then and there curse plaintiff by using the above stated language. She also on said occasion assaulted plaintiff with a tea cup and threatened to kill him. Plaintiff says that defendant since said separation has been guilty of visiting houses of ill-fame the exact dates of which is unknown to plaintiff. That since said separation the exact dates and places of which is unknown to plaintiff the defendant has been guilty of committing the crime of adultery with persons whose names at this time is unknown to plaintiff.
            Plaintiff says that a reconciliation between plaintiff and defendant is impossible. Wherefore the plaintiff prays the court that he be granted an absolute divorce from the defendant and for all other further proper relief.
Percy L. Sterling                            
Walker & Tindall Attys. for Plaintiff
Contributed by Barb Huff

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