Esther  Hillman
Charles  Hillman


Shelby Circuit Court Box 689
Filed April 17, 1907     J.H. Deitzer Clerk
State of Indiana County of Shelby SS:                                      In The Shelby Circuit Court
Complaint for Divorce May Term, 1907
Esther Hillman VS Charles Hillman

            Plaintiff complains of defendant and says that heretofore to-wit: January 13 1906 plaintiff and defendant were married to each other in Washington, Indiana.
            That within six (6) weeks after said marriage, defendant without cause abandoned plaintiff, and came to the city of Shelbyville, Indiana; that on the 9 day of June, 1906, plaintiff came to Shelbyville, Indiana, where she met defendant and that on the following day, June 10 1906 defendant again abandoned plaintiff without cause and they have ever since said date lived separate and apart and are now living separate and apart at the time of the filing of this complaint.
            That during all of said marriage defendant has wholly failed, neglected and refused to make any provisions whatever toward the support and maintainance of this plaintiff although he is an able bodied man and amply able so to do.
            That plaintiff during all of said time has been compelled to work out among her neighbors and friends to earn a livelihood.
            That during all of said marriage said defendant has continually sought the society of and kept company with divers women, whose names to plaintiff are unknown.
            That defendant during said marriage has committed adultery with divers women in the city of Washington, Indiana, and in the city of Shelbyville, Indiana, the exact places, dates, occasions and names of which women, plaintiff cannot now more particularly give. That the plaintiff at the time of said last separation was wholly without means and was compelled to work out in the city of Shelbyville, Indiana, for her own support and maintainance and is now at this time working at the Ross House in said city.
            That from the above and foregoing it will be impossible for plaintiff and defendant to ever again live together as husband and wife.

            WHEREFORE, Plaintiff prays the Court for a divorce and for all other further proper relief. Tindall & Tindall Attorneys for Plaintiff

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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