Court Records:  1) Frances Young, 1915     2) Robert Young, 1885;  3) Leven Tull Young, 1838

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Juvenile Court
No. 116

Dependent and Neglected Child
In re

Frances  Effie  Young

Lora Young
Mrs. Orville Taylor
42 Gordon St.

Filed Oct. 25, 1915
Cecil B. Collins,
Clerk Shelby County Court

                                             ) SS:

          IN THE JUVENILE COURT OF SHELBY COUNTY, the undersigned  Lora Young,  being duly sworn upon her oath says that  Frances  Effie  Young  is a female child under seventeen years of age; that the said child is of illegitimate birth born to affiant and that the father of said child is  George  Boucher  who is domiciled and resident in either Hancock or Marion County, Indiana but his whereabouts is unknown to affiant, Lora Young, who is domiciled and resident in
said Shelby County; that said child is also a resident of Shelby County, Indiana and is 9 months of age and said child is a dependent and neglected child within the meaning of the statute in such cases made and provided, in that this affiant , the mother of said child, has been unable to find the said father of said child and said father wholly abandons and neglects said child and has made and makes no provisions whatever for it; that this affiant is only 18 years of age and is poor and without means or income with which to support said child; that her only source of income is her labor as a domestic at $____ per week and said child is dependent and will be dependent upon the public for support and that prove necessity affiant is wholly unable to furnish proper parental care of said child and that she believes her said child should be furnished a home.
Signed: Lora Young
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 25th day of October, 1915.

My commission expires Dec. 3, 1916.
Signed: Thomas H. Campbell,
Notary Public
Transcribed by Melinda Moore Weaver.

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Elias Henry
Robert Young

Complaint for
Damages   Demand

SEP 23 1885
A. J. Gorgas

Love Major & Morrison
          Attys for Pltf

State of Indiana } In the Shelby Circuit Court,
Shelby County } October Term 1885.
Elias Henry }      
vs }
Robert Young }

Elias Henry  the Plaintiff complains of  Robert Young  the Defendant and for cause of Complaint says, that heretofore to-wit:  on the day of January 1885, that he was the owner of a certain Horse and Buggy which Horse was then attached and harnessed to said Buggy and also securely and safely hitched to a fence in the City of Shelbyville Shelby County Indiana that the Defendant did then and there wrongfully and without consent of the Plaintiff unhitch said Horse from said fence and get into said Buggy and drove said Horse with said Buggy attached thereto out of said City in a North Easterly direction on and along the North side of the cut made in the construction of the J. M. & I. R. R, and at a point on the North side of said cut near where a Tan-yard is situated at a point North of where he was driving and near thereto, and at a point where within ten feet South of the track along wich he was driving there was a steep embankment descending from a level with the track upon which he was driving to a point 30 feet below to said Rail Road track which embankment was so steep as to render it obviously dangerous to the safety of said Horse and Buggy to drive the same down said embankment and that the Defendant notwithstanding the premises did then and there while wrongfully in the possession of said Horse and Buggy and without the Plaintiffs knowledge or consent carlessly[sic] negligently and recklessly drive said Horse and Buggy down said embankment and thereby broke and crushed said Horse's fore leg and so injured said Horse as to render it impossible that he should ever get well or be of any value and thereby entirely destroyed the value of said Horse that at the time that said Horse received said injuries he was in the absence of such injuries of the value of $225.00,  That after said Horse received said injuries he was by the Plaintiff  killed to put him out of his misery that by the driving of said Horse and Buggy down said embankment that the said Buggy was crushed broken and injured so as that the same was thereby lessened in value in the sum of $50.00 and by reason of the premises the Plaintiff is Damaged in the sum of $300.00 Wherefore the Plaintiff demands judgment against the Defendant for the sum of $500.00 and for all other and further proper relief,
Love   Major & Morrison.          
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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Indenture upon

Leven  Tull  Young

          This indenture witnessth(sic) that  Lucinda Young  of Shelby County and the State of Indiana hath put and placed and by there presents doth put and place and bind out her son  Leven Tull Young  (whose father is dead) and the said  Tull Young  doth hereby put place and bind out himself as an apprentice to  Harry D. Huntington  to learn the art trade and occupation of farming.  The said  Leven Tull Young  to dwell with and serve the said  Harry D. Huntington  after the manner of an apprentice from the day of the date hereof until the 23rd day of January in the year Eighteen Hundred and forty-nine at which time the said apprentice of living will be twenty one years of age.  During all which time the said apprentice shall well and faithfully serve his said master, keep his secrets and every where at all times readily obey his lawful commands; he shall do no damage to his said master nor willfully suffer any to be done by others-and if any to his knowledge be intended he shall give to his said master reasonable timely notice thereof.  He shall not waste the goods of said master nor send them unlawfully to any.  He shall not play at cards dice or any other unlawful game, he shall not at any time absent himself from the service of his said master without his consent but shall in all things behave himself as a good and faithful apprentice during the whole term aforesaid.
          And the said  Harry D. Huntington  on his part doth hereby covenant promise and agree to teach and instruct the said apprentice or cause(sic) him to be taught and instructed to read and write and to Cypher(sic) in the general rules of arithmatic as far as the double rule (illegible) inclusive; if the said apprentice be capable to learn, and also to learn teach and instruct the said apprentice in the art and occupation of farming in the best way and manner he can and will and faithfully provide and find for the said apprentice good and sufficient meat drink clothing and lodging and other (illegible) fit and convenient for such an apprentice during the term aforesaid and at the expiration thereof shall give to the said apprentice one entire new suit of apparel and a horse saddle and bridle or in liew(sic) of the said horse saddle and bridle & new suit shall give to said apprentice one hundred dollars in money.

Signed sealed and delivered in presence of
David Stone {Lucinda Young
Piercy Kitchel               {Leven Tull Young
{Harry D. Huntington

State of Indiana
Shelby County
          Before me  Piercy Kitchel  a justice of the peace of said peace of said county personally came the above named  Lucinda Young  and  Leven Tull Young  and acknowledged the above indenture to be their act and deed for the purposes therein mentioned.
Given under my hand and seal this 22nd day of September 1838.                    
Piercy Kitchel J. P.
Recorded January 8th 1839                
Milton Robins Recorder
Transcribed by Carleen Carnivale

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