Order Book
Common Pleas 12
page 216

          Keziah Caughey.       }
813                 vs.                }  Civil Action.
          Christy L. Spellman.  }
                          Comes the Plaintiff by  James B McFadden  his* Attorney and files his Complaint therein with the appearance of the defendant, and his waiver of the Service of process entered thereon the Execution of which by said Defendant is now here proven to the Satisfaction of the Court, And on plaintiffs motion said defendant being thereupon three Times audibly called, comes not, but herein wholly

Second Day,   March Term, 1870,  Shelby Common Pleas.


makes default.  Whereupon on further motion this Cause is now submitted to the Court for Trial and judgment upon the Complt Note, and Default aforesaid.  And the Court being sufficiently advised in the premises finds for the Plaintiff, and assesses his Damages at the Sum of ninety nine Dollars and Sixty Cents that being the amount of principal and Interest now due on the Note in Suit.
It is therefore considered by the Court, that the plaintiff do revocer of and from said Defendant the Sum of ninety nine Dolars and Sixty Cents ($99.60) his Damages so assessed by the Court as aforesaid, together with his Costs and Charges herein laid out and expended to be levied and collected without any Relief from Valuation or appraisement Laws, according to the Tenor and effect of said Note. ---

Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

*Keziah is a female.  Her husband was a tailor.  I have seen several similar suits.  Perhaps Keziah took care of the accounts for the tailoring business. - PMF

Paperwork for the above case can be found in Civil vault box #304

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