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Township 11 North   of  Range 5 East

Map copied from Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana,  Baskin, Forster & Co, Chicago, 1876

Hendricks Twp is to the north, Washington Twp to the east, Bartholomew Co to the south and Johnson Co to the west.

Original purchases from the United States Government
6   5   4   3   Johnson Co 2   Ship  Waggoner  Shipp  Lewis  Houghman  Warman  Pile 1* Bilby  Sandifer  Pile  Robins  Todd  Sandefur  Baker  Richardson  Drain
7   8   9   10   Johnson Co 11 Hayes Gordon  Foster  Barber  Thompson  Brockman  Sandefur 12 Richardson Smith  Richardson  Jackman  Young  Ship  Richardson  Scott
18   17   16   15   Johnson Co 14   Russell   Gorden
Bell   Gordon
Thomas   Russel
13   Wiley   Wheeler
Shaw   Barlan
Barber   Harter
19   20   21   22   Johnson Co 23  Harlan  Hayes  Cole  Young  McGuire  Cole  Houghman  Cole 24  Dawson  Barlow  Tevis  Graham  Kyle  Barlow
30   29   28   27   Johnson Co 26  Scott  Prewitt  Breast  Jameson  Warman  Pruitt 25 Wheeler  Wilson  Slayback  Atherton  Dawson  Nixon Livingston  Dawson
31   32   33   34   Johnson Co 35 Guinn Warman  Dawson  Scott  Wilson  Lutz   Wilson
36 Cutsinger  Records  Barlow  Williams  Deupree  Hageman
* See John Sandefur's probate papers

The above table is a general overview of the neighborhood.  If the section number is underlined in the table, you can click on the number for an exact description of the location, amount of land purchased and the residence of the individual at the time of purchase.  All other records are available at the Recorder's Office.

1846 hand-drawn map, including T11-R5-Sec1

Plat maps of adjoining lands:
    North - T12N R5E, Hendricks Twp
    East - T11N R6E, Jackson Twp
    South - T11N R5E, Bartholomew County
    West - T11N R5E (Johnson County)

1887 plat map

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