Township  13  North   of  Range  5  East

Map copied from Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana,  Baskin, Forster & Co, Chicago, 1876

The yellow lines mark the present day townships - the entire area is within Sugar Creek Township.  The bottom blue line represents Range Road (00); the top would be 600N.  The left blue line represents County Road xxxE; the right would be xxxE.  Johnson Co is on the left/west;  Moral Township is on the top/north;  Hendricks Township is below/south.

Original purchases from the United States Government
6   5   4   3   2   Clark Clark
Hosier Adams
River  Power
Imhoff  Owens
1   Hough  Kerr
Holton   Blakeman Hough  Mozingo   Hough Fuller Tull
7   8   9   10   11   Morgan  ??
Padrick Francis
Spiegel  Wall   ??
Powers   ??  ??
12   Finkley   Francis
Roarer   Cox
Hough   Hough
Hough   Francis
18   17   16   15   14 Owens Hosier
Wayman  ??
White White Gird
??  Carson  White
13 White Morgan
McConnell Pedan
Norris Collins Huff
Carson Morgan 
19   20   21   22   23 White Carson
24 Carson Routt
Johnson   Carson
30   29   28   27   26 Hadden Trisler
Trisler  Rhorer
White Metiere
Hanson McConnell
25   ??  Carson
McFadden  Daniel
Hadden Trister  ??
Carson   Woods
31   32   33   34   35 White Beard
Hoover Alexander
Hoover Beard Webb
Strickler McFadden
36 Rhorer Carson
McFadden  Rhorer
Strickler Williams
Strickler  Mock

The above table is for a general overview of the neighborhood.
For an exact description of the location and amount of land owned by each individual,
please click on the individual section number (if highlighted) in the above table.

Adjoining lands:
          North,  T14N  R5E
          East,   T13N  R6E
          South,  T12N  R5E
          West,  Johnson Co, IN,  T13N  R5E

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