Shelby  County  Indiana
Land  Records

Township 14 North   of  Range 5 East

Map copied from Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana,  Baskin, Forster & Co, Chicago, 1876

This is the far northwestern corner of Shelby Co.  The entire area lies in Moral Twp.  Hancock Co is on the northern border.  Marion Co and Johnson Co are on the western border.  Directly south is Sugar Creek Twp.  Michigan Road runs northwest through Pleasant View.

Original purchases from the United States Government
6   5   4   3
Marion Co
2   Williams   Rouse
Plummer   Catterson
Wilkins Parrish Fee
Joyce   Dennis   Adams
1   Means   Rawlings
Senior Means Wilkins
7   8   9   10
Marion Co
11   Mann   Hume
Fee   Pitcher   Fee
Means   Fee
12       Joyce      
Fee   Ware   Amos
Murnan   Joyce  
Plummer   Pollard
18   17   16   15
Marion Co
14   Keeler   House
Means   Means
Pleasant View   Means
Means   Right
13   Means   Portlock
Wilson   Breedlove
Stanley   Wright
Fee   Gossett   Means
19   20   21   22
Marion Co
23   Meanes   Means
Meanes   Hibler
24   Portlock   Lines
Means  Doble  Cobb
House   Wright
30   29   28   27
Johnson Co
26   Poer   Joyce
Means   Dearmin
Kibler   Kallam
Yoke   Means
25   Killgore   Fansler
Farnsler   Jackson
House   London
31   32   33   34
Johnson Co
35   Yoke   Huffer
Farnsler   Bowman
Surber   Means   Yoke
Huffer   Dearmin
36   Farnsler   Wright
Hause   House
Fansler   Nichols
Nichols   Peddicord

The above table is for a general overview of the neighborhood.  For an exact description of the location and amount of land owned by each individual, please click on the individual section number (if highlighted) in the above table.

Maps of adjoining areas:
      North,  Hancock Co, IN
      East,  T14N R6E
      South,  T13N R5E
      West,  Marion and  Johnson Co

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