Shelby  County  Indiana
Land  Records

Township 14 North  of  Range 6 East

Map copied from Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana,  Baskin, Forster & Co, Chicago, 1876

Once the western half of  (the original)  Hanover Twp, this area is now Moral Twp  and  VanBuren Twp,
with the southern edge in  Brandywine Twp  and  Marion Twp.
Present day township lines are marked in yellow above.  Present day county roads
bounding this area are (clockwise)  1200 N,  100 W,  600 N  and  700 W.

Original purchases from the United States Government

6   Wilkins   Manan
Hutchinson   Plummer
Barnes   Wilkins   Joyce
Manan   Manan
5   Thomas   Manan
Manan   Harper
Murnan   Youtsey
Youtsey   Murnan
4   Griffith   Gregg
Gregg   Culbertson
Rawlings   Powell
Gregg   Nollenger
3   Cones   Hamilton
Pye   Caldwell   Moore
Smith   Romrel* Tracy
Nollener   Campbell
2   Herman   Manan
Plummer  Dungan  Dungan Bates
1   Gregg   Hank
Earl   Flanagan
Fox   Starrett
7   Wilkins   Murnan
Manan   Wilkins
Plummer   Culbertson Manan
8   Heart   Reaves
Vernon   Reeves
Woodbury   Amos
Reaves   Marshall
9   Ayres   Amos
Amos   Ruggles
Woodbury   Wilson
Senior   Asher
10   Tracy   Ruggels
Ruggles  Breedlove
Moore   Campbell
Reeves   Wilson
11   Moore   Campbell
Amos Hittle Snodgrass
12         Rhodes      
18   Smith   House
Johnson   Breedlove
Cones  Means   Sanders
Wycoff  House   Smith
17   Burtch   Grubbs
Lipscomb   Lipscomb
Jackson   House
16   School Commission Lands 15   Vernon   Wilson
Ruggles   Hamilton
Carmony   Hodges
Rhodes   Conner
14   Arnold   Hamilton
Headlee   Arnold
13 Hamilton Johnson
Hamilton Totten Bollibaugh Kitchel
19   Peck   Doble
Portlock   Grubbs
Doble   House
House   House
20   Handley   Means
Maholm   Martin
Coffey Wendt Maholm
21   Vice   Portlock
Parsons   Stapp
Vice   Mann   Dunn
Dunn  Fisher
22   Bennett   Parsons
Murphy   Oldham
Seney   Kyle   Ellis
Hoover   Howrey
23   Oldham   Oldham
Oldham   Roberds
Wiggans Husky Boss
Thomas   Totten
24   Copple   Bass
Kitchel   Bass
Wickliff   Wickliff
Totten   Wickliff
30   Hoop   Hoop
Holmes   House
House   Holmes
Hoop   House
29   Walker   Sparks
McCoy   Holmes   Hoop
Morgan   Johnston
Handley   Portlock
28   Kyle   Griffin
27   Wilson   Griffin
Hobbs   Seney
Seney   Cartwright
26   Seney   Thomas
Thomas   Totten
Seney   Surber   Joslin
Summey   Summey
25   Totten   Debord
Oldham   Alexander
Totten   Joslin   Whited
Bishop Hubbell Debord
31   House   Sparks
32   Bennett   McCoy
Andress   Hodson
Morgan   Barnell
33   Joslin   Bush
Reveal   West   Seney
Oldham   Andrews
Morgan   Oldham
34   Lowe   Bishop
Johnston   Wilson
Stump   Cartwright
Miller   Matthews
35   Day   Summey
Brady   Day
Bishop   Debord
Debord   Harrell
36   Oldham   Surber
Alexander   Williams
Williams   Whited
Alexander   Oldham

The above table is for a general overview of the neighborhood.  For an exact description of the location
and amount of land owned by each individual, click on the individual section number (1-36) above.
* Spelled Romerill in early marriage records

Maps of adjoining areas:
          North,  T5N  R6E,  Hancock Co, IN
          East,  T14N  R7E
          South,  T13N  R6E
          West,  T14N  R5E

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