Shelby  County,  Indiana
Land  Records

Township  14  North   of  Range  7  East

Map copied from Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana,  Baskin, Forster & Co, Chicago, 1876

Once the eastern half of  (the original)  Hanover Twp, this area is now
Van Buren (west),  Hanover (east),  Marion  and  Union ( far southeast).
Present day township lines are marked in yellow above.  Present day county roads
bounding this area are (clockwise)  1200 N,  500 E,  600 N  and 100 W.
SR 9, not shown above, runs north and south from Shelbyville to Greenfield, east of Fountaintown.

Original purchases from the United States Government
6 Rittgers Dungan
Dungan   Vangilder
Bowman   Starrett
Starrett   Millspaugh
5 Vangilder Bloyd   Thomas Morrison
Stephenson Sleeth
4   Davis   Enyart
Durham   Dickerson
Cole   Gardner
Dickerson   Enyart
3  Arnold Belveal
Bennit   Cross
Draper   Fox
Fox   Draper
2 Belveal Bennit
Belveal   Glover
Huddleston   Kelly
Wilson   Toner
1   Griffin   Kawble
Tyner Wilson
Wilson   Griffin
7   Hawkins   Gray
Starrett   Zormes
Davis   Williams
Johnson   Rhodes
8   Davis   Davis
Sleeth   Millspaugh
Ray   Stevenson
Davis   Roan
9   Corkin   Roan
Morris   Corkin
Walton   Corrington
Davis Roan Candle
10   Blodget   Gray
Kratzer   Gray
Tracy   Buck
Kratzer   Davis
11   Beamon?   Gray  Tracy
Johnson Smith
Rittenhouse Davis
12   Johnston   Smith Johnson
Davis  Johnson
18 Bixler Kitchel
Hettrick   Rhodes
Justus   Young
Hitibal   Rhodes
17   Bass   Smith
Bass   Williams
Liggett   Holsom
16   Shelby Co
School Commission
15 Adams Bailey
Cosby  Adams
Lee  Rittenhouse
Hewitt  Smith
14  Calkin Lucas
Vanorsdol   Penwell
Rue   Rittenhouse
13   Campbell Cole Johnson
Cole  Johnson
19   Dungan Reed
Lisher Blackford
Blackford   Hubbell
Porter   Miller
20  Drake  Roane
Dixon   Sleeth
Lisher   Drake
21  Drake  Lisher
True   Hewit   Stone
Haney   Trimble
22 Kinsley Davis
Davis   Kitchell
Whitney   Crosby
23   Lucas   Cole
Stone Davis
Hewit   Burnham
Hanover Cemetery
24   Davis   Blood
Montgomery   Pollitt Hill Hayes
Simpkins Stone
30 Andrews Davis
Copple   Hubble
Dixon   Harper
Surber   Whited
29 Copple Dixon
Fisher Hill Rhoads
Keith   Porter
Rhoads Thomas
28 Ferris Hodges
Kaster Ferris Stone
Howery   Kinsley
Sherwood   Thomas
27    Kinsley
26 Johnson Norris
Stone   Flanegam
Burtch   Butler
Stone   Stone   Reed
25 Stone Carmony
Howery Carmony
Talbert Foreman
Bower Snow Nigh
31 Laughlin Fouts
Arnold   Blythe
Copple   Fouts
Fouts   Sumey
32 Fouts Plummer
Oldham   Fouts
Bollibaugh   Plummer Oldham
33   Hunt   Hill
Thomas   Fisher
Bass   Castor
Fisher   Thomas
34   Davis  Davis
Summey   Francis
Alexander   Bass
Thomas   Bass
35    Booher*
Burtch Butler Ashworth Glover
Carmony Thomas
Winton Cotner
36 Bates Booher
Glidwell Snow
The above table gives a general overview of the neighborhood.  For an exact description of the location
and amount of land owned by each individual, click on the individual section number (1-36) above.
* The BLM site lists this entry as "John Booker".  After reviewing the scanned image of the document, I feel certain it is really "Booher" - pmf.

Maps of adjoining areas:
          North,  T15N  R7E,  Hancock Co, IN
          East,  T14N  R8E
          South,  T13N  R7E
          West,  T14N  R6E

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