Shelby  County,  Indiana

Adoption  of
Ethel  Davis

Shelby Circuit Court Probate     Box 468     No. 1722
In the matter of the Adoption of  Ethel Davis Ex parte
Petition of  John L. Kennedy & wife
Filed January 30, 1894

1722     In the matter of the petition of  John L. Kennedy  and wife for the adoption of  Ethel Davis
O.J. Glessner     Atty for Petr.

State of Indiana In the Shelby Circuit Court
Shelby county        SS                             October Tem 1893

            In the matter of the petition of John L. Kennedy and Dortha J. Kennedy his wife for the adoption of Ethel Davis

To the Honorable the Judge of the Shelby Circuit Court
            Your petitioners respectfully represents and shows to the court that their names are  John L. Kennedy  and  Dortha J. Kennedy  respectively and that they reside in Union Township, Shelby county, state of Indiana.  That they are desirous of adopting  Ethel Davis, who was born on 15 day of February 1889, and is of the age of four and one half years, as their heir at law.  That said Ethel Davis has no real or personal property.  That she, said Ethel, has no mother living but as petitioners believe has a father living whose residence is unknown to your said petitioners.  That said Ethel Davis resides with your petitioners in county and state aforesaid.
            Wherefore, your petitioners pray that said Ethel Davis be adopted as their heir at law, and that her named be changed to that of Ethel Kennedy.
John L. Kennedy         Dortha J. Kennedy                            

Subscribed and sworn to, before me a Notary Public in and for said county and state this 23 day of September 1893.
Michael Sullivan     Notary Public S.C.

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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