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          Probate books and estate papers are kept in the Shelby County Courthouse vault.  The probated records have been filed by settlement date**.  To date, I have inventoried the 1822-1874 estates in the file boxes of the Clerk's vault.  The information online reflects this inventory of estate papers.  If you would like copies of estate bundles, please contact the Clerk of Shelby County Indiana, 415 S Harrison St, Shelbyville, Indiana, 46176.  Copies are $1/page; the Clerk will  NOT  ACCEPT  PERSONAL  CHECKS.
Estate,  Trust,  Adoption  and  Guardianship  Papers
Indexed by surname
Settlements through 1874
Updated 24 May 2017

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** There is one exception to this. It seems that when Hiram Alldredge, first Clerk of the Court, died in office, the estates settled during his term were "stuffed away" in the confusion and not filed.  Sometime in the mid 1860's, these papers were discovered and filed.  Since the index books and numbering system had already been started, these very earliest estate papers were filed in fileboxes 72-75; many are entered in the index book with no settlement date noted.  This is not an "official" explanation, just my best guess. PMF

Estates,  Trusts,  Guardianships  &   Indentures
transcribed or scanned

Alldredge, Hiram, partition of land, 23 years after his death.
Allen, Isaac Leslie, minor heir.  Final report of guardian, Squire L. Vanpelt.
Allen, Joseph, Inventory, Sale Bill & Final Report transcribed by Kathryn Jennings.
Allen, William, dec'd.  Letters of guardianship for minor heir Charles Allen.
Arnold, John M, final settlement, administered by his widow, Sena Arnold.
Arnold, Larkin.  Inventory and Sale Bill transcribed by Jill Knitl.
Arnold, Ruby.  In the matter of the minority of, 1914.

Baker, legatees of John Sr, deceased, as listed in the final exhibit of his estate papers.
Baker, William, dec'd.  Images of administrator's papers.
Ball, William T., minor.  Benjamin F. Nugent, guardian.  Re: apprenticeship to Robert T. Ball.
Barlow, Lewis, inventory and an account of articles taken by the widow.
Barnard, David Elmore, deceased, of Rush Co.  Sale bill for real estate in Shelby Co, IN.
Benjamin, Isaac, deceased.  One of the earliest Shelby Co probate records.
Bernhamer, Charles.  Petition to distribute monies.
Berry, William D., dec'd.  Inventory, Sale Bill, Final Report and Receipts.  Mount Auburn / Blackhawk, 1840.
Bishop, Ora E., Albert McEdward and Gilbert, minor heirs of John Ensminger, 1874; Piatt County, Illinois.
Blackford, Simeon, dec'd.  Letters of administration to David Stone, 1847.
Bloomer, Florence, Adeline and May, minor heirs of  Henrietta Bloomer, dec'd,  settled in 1889.
Bonner, Samuel, dec'd.  Court transcript of probate hearing; estate settled in 1836.
Bowers, David, dec'd.  Full record, including inventory, sale bill, receipts, interim report and final settlement, 1871.
Boyd, Mary J., dec'd.  Single voucher signed by William H. Harrell, 1893.
Boyd, Samuel, dec'd.  Inventory and Sale Bill.
Bright, Donald Jarvis.  Adoption by grandparents, Joseph B. and Luvinia C. Plymate.
Brown, David, dec'd.  Inventory, Sale Bill, Final Report, Receipts & Distribution.
Brown, Jessie Clarence, Myrtie May, Ida May and Carrie Brown, minor heirs of  Hannah Brown, dec'd, 1893.
Bush, George, dec'd.  Entry from the Probate Order Book.
Brown, Miranda, minor heir of  Henley Brown.  Partition of real estate, 1878.
Butler, Preston, dec'd.  Petition to vest personal property in the widow, 1863.

Campbell, Joses.  Summary of the paperwork in the estate bundle.
Campbell, Robert.  Summary of the paperwork in the estate bundle.
Canull, John and James, minor heirs of Lucinda Canull, dec'd.  Application for Letters of Guardianship.
Carson, Alice, dec'd.  Distributive share for minor heir, Betty Alice Mattoon.
Carter, John H.,  unsound mind.
Carter, George, Ruth and Mariah, minor heirs of  Landon Carter, dec'd.  Note on sale of real estate.
Carter, Landon, dec'd.  Full estate:  Inventory, Sale Bill and Receipts, 1873.
Carter, Thomas, dec'd. Miscellaneous notes  on the guardianship of his minor heirs.
Carter, Thomas W. D., minor heir.
Carter, Wilford, dec'd.  Includes will and inventories of real and personal property, 1858.
Cartwright, Elijah, dec'd.  Sale Bill,1849.
Caughey, Thomas Storey, dec'd.  Erection of monument by Harry Whitcomb, 1910.
Chriss,  see  Criss.
Christian, Sarah, dec'd.  Letters of Administration, Abraham Christian of Jasper County, Illinois, 1867.
Clark, Jennie.  Petition by Mary A. and  Isaac Tindall for adoption, 1881.
Clark, John.  Inventory and Sale Bill, included with his will in Probate Order Book 1822-1833.
Cobler, Eliza, dec'd.  Attestation of death date, 1873.
Cochran, minor heirs (three) of  Mattie E. Cochran, dec'd, 1883.
Coffin, Aaron, dec'd.  1847.
Coffman, Henry.  Application for Letters Testamentary, 1918.
Coffman, Jackson.  Deposition of  the widow, Mary Alby, regarding heirs.
Colclazier, David, heirs vs Henry & Rachel Rapp.
Coleman, Ellen, dec'd. Letters of guardianship for Joseph V. Worland.
Collins, Anna, dec'd.  Husband's permission for Mary Killorin to act as executrix, 1917.
Collins, Christina, dec'd.  This estate was divided into 320 parts to accomodate all the heirs.
Collins, David, dec'd.  Probate Order Book 8, 1868-1869.
Collins, Resin D., dec'd.  Scans of documents in bundle, 1866.
Conley / Connally, John A., dec'd.  Inventory, 1889.
Conner, William, dec'd.  Sale Bill, 1837.
Conover, John B., dec'd.  Petition of Garrett F. Conover for his inheritance.
Cookson, Ira, minor heir.  Richard Buckler, guardian, 1877.
Cory, Alexander, dec'd.  List of heirs
Cory, Arthur O., dec'd.  Guardianship of  minor heirs.
Cosler, Abraham, dec'd.  Widow's dower and distribution among heirs.
Coyle, Francis, dec'd.  Receipt.
Coyle, Frank, Amos & Arthur, minor heirs of  James Coyle, dec'd.  Petition to sell real estate.
Coyle, Nancy, dec'd.  Sale Bill, 1880.
Coyle, Nannie, minor heir of  William Coyle, dec'd.  Petition to sell real estate.
Cotton, John.  Petition for Sale of Real Estate to pay debts.
Criss, Joshua, Harriett, Richard, William, Ann, Ellen, minor heirs of  Catharine Criss, dec'd.
Cross, Ebenezer, Inventory, reports & receipts and partition of  real estate.
Crowe, Mary A., dec'd.  Final Report including a full list of heirs, including residences, 1912.
Crowell, Victor. Appointment of guardian for minor heirs Raymond L. & Russell E. Crowell.
Cummins, Joseph.  Arguments re the probate of Joseph's will.  [Joseph the undertaker].
Cummins, Joseph, dec'd.  Petition to sell real estate, 1881.  [Joseph of Waldron].
Cummins, Richard S., dec'd.  Excellent source of early Shelbyville names, 1830-1840.
Curson, Frank, Albert and Ada, minor heirs.  Letters of Guardianship, Leonidas H. Mull, Guardian,  1898.

Davis, David.  Inventory,  sale, vouchers and final settlement.
Davis, Eden H.  In Memoriam.
Davis, Ethel.  Petition for adoption by John L. Kennedy and Dortha J. Kennedy.
Davis, Greenberry, Introduction, inventory, widow's share, sale bill, settlement, minor heirs.
Davis, James, dec'd.  Full estate record & settlement for minor heirs.
Davis Smithers, Mary Azoline.  Minor heir.
Davis, Richard, minor heir.  Sale of wards real estate by Greenberry Davis, guardian.
Davis, Varner Sr,  Inventory,  sale bill & receipt/voucher list including descriptions.
Derrickson, guardianship of  William, Albert T. and Carey J.
Drake, Mary C., dec'd. Petition of distributees, 1905.
Drake, William, Sr, dec'd.  Probate proceedings 1842-1844.

Ensminger, Andrew, of  Decatur and Shelby Co.
Ensminger, Andrew T, Lucy E and Martha [Ensminger] Arnold, minor heirs of Andrew Ensminger.
Ensminger, Flora Bell, Harriett E., George & Charlie, minor heirs of John Ensminger.  Louisa Ensminger, guardian, 1880.
Ensminger, John, dec'd.  Adminstratrix's petition for discharge, 1881.
Ensminger, Joshua, dec'd.  Inventory, Final Report, Receipts of Heirs and Vouchers, 1851.
Ensminger, Joshua, declaration/pension proceedings for  Revolutionary War service.
Ensminger, Julian, dec'd.  Final settlement, 1881.
Ensminger, Julian, minor heirs of.  Application for guardianship of minor heirs and one report.
Ensminger, Phillip, Petition to Sell Personal Property and Final Settlement, 1880.
Ensminger, William R., dec'd.  Inventory, sale bill and final settlement.  Thomas Cotton, adm'r, 1843.
Esler, Addie Josephine  and  Toll, Edward Rader.  Adopted by Henry H. Jackson, 1879.
Evans, Dorthy Beatrice, petition for adoption.  Thomas and Ida Hargraves, 1920.

Farrall, John, dec'd.  Administrator's report of distribution among the heirs, 1850.
Fleming, Barbara, dec'd.  Tippecanoe Co, IN, probate record involving half-siblings of a Shelbyville resident.
Fleming, Jane, a person of unsound mind.  Petition to sell real estate.
Ford, William, dec'd.  Partition of real estate, 1862, Sugar Creek Township..
Forsythe, Enoch, guardianship of his minor heirs
Fox, Amos and Mary Ann, minor heirs of John Fox, guardianship, 1837.
Fox, John, dec'd.  Estate records from Probate Order Books, 1832.

Gardner, Isaac, vestment of widow, Dinah [Folger].
Gatewood, Hugh S., entry from Probate Fee Book B,  1838-1840.
Girton, Allen C., minor heir.  Guardianship paperwork, including sale of real estate, 1914.
Goar [Gore], John, dec'd, as copied from the Probate Order Book
Goodrich, Nathan, Sr., dec'd.  Receipts.
Goodwin, Amanda, dec'd: Public Sale announcement.
Goodwin, Myra H., infant.  Adopted by Thomas and Nannie Keaton, 1891.
Graham, Lettie Jane Mitchell Brown, dec'd:  Final Settlement, 1894.
Green.  Papers available at the courthouse for this surname for the years 1862-1875.
Green, William, dec'd.  Will, sale of real estate and widow's receipt, 1855-1862.
Grimes, Noble.  Dispute over real estate.

Hacker, John.  Miscellaneous receipt, 1834.
Hardy, Sarah, Guardianship of minor heirs Elizabeth E and Joseph W Hardy
Hargrove, Benjamin F., dec'd.  Renunciation of widow to serve as administrator, 1861.
Hargrove, Caleb, dec'd.  Full administration by George Hargrove, 1859-1865.
Harrell, Ellena.  Minor heir of  Henderson H. Harrell, 1879.  Guardian, Thomas J. Craycraft.
Harrell, James E. Notice of public sale, James H. Harrell, administrator.
Headlee, Joshua.  Partition of dower, all heirs listed.
Heifner, Andrew.  Inventory, 1880.
Heifner, Conrad.  Appointment of administrator, Thomas Goodwin, 1846.
Hendrickson, James.  Inventory, sale bill, final report, receipts and 'distributive shares.'
Hensley, Andrew, dec'd.  Summary of probate records from Marion County, Indiana.
Hicks, Lila, dec'd.  Proof of guardianship of minor heirs Ruth and George H. Hicks.
Higgins, Eber.  Letters of guardianship for minor heir; deceased not named.
Hildebrand, Isaac, Henry, George & David, minor heirs.  Elizabeth Hildebrand, guardian.
Hill, Isaac, dec'd.  Assignment of dower of widow, Julianne, 1847.
Hill, Samuel F. R., dec'd.  Sale Bill and Final Report, 1851-1853.
Hinds, Henry F.  petition of administrator and guardians of his minor heirs, 1862.
Holbrook, William Franklin, administrated by Wm Franklin Holbrook (son). Receipts.
House, Frederick, dec'd.  Inventory, Sale Bill and Final Settlement.
Howery, Charles, admin by George B. Huffman (GBH administered more estates than any other Shelber!)
Howery,  George O.,  James L.,  Jacob,  Clara,  Ida,  Columbus and  Cornelius, minor heirs of Loyal Howery, dec'd.  1886.
Howrey, Samuel, dec'd.  Inventory, Sale Bill, Receipts and Final Report.  Marion Twp, 1836.
Howry, William and James, minor of heirs of Jacob Howry. Guardian's report.
Hoy, guardianship of the minor heirs of  Martin Hoy, deceased.
Hughlett, Ephraim W. Answer to petition for distribution among heirs.
Huffman, Fountain G.  Transcribed from the Probate Order Book.
Huffman, Minnie and Dessie, minor heirs of Robert Phares.
Huffman, Ora R., minor heir.  Gideon H. Huffman, guardian.  Final report, 1912.

Jackson, Henry.  Adoption of Addie Esler and Edward Toll, 1879.
John, William, dec'd.  Ratification and Final Settlement as reported in the Probate Order Books.
Johnson, William M.  Inventory and Final Settlement, 1845-1848.
Jones, John  of Decatur County, Indiana,  1876.

Keith, James N.  Appraisement and inventory, 1863.
Keith, John. Common pleas cause for sale of real estate.
Keith, Nancy.  Inventory, sale bill, administrator's reports and receipts, 1867.
Keith, William. Inventory through final settlement.
Keller, Esta, Harry, Clara and Daniel, placement in Gordon Children's Home, 1915.
Kelley, Eliza.  Trust under the will of Nancy Elizabeth Harlan Rothrock; Thos. S. Caughey, trustee.
Kelly, John, Cornelius, Kesiah and Jeremiah, minor heirs of Ambrose D. Kelley of Preble County, Ohio.
Kelsey, Abner, dec'd.  Items purchased from  Isaac Odell.
Kinney, Nathaniel, dec'd.  Inventory, receipts and final settlement, 1865.
Kinsley, Augustus, dec'd.  Inv/widow's rec't, sale bill, final settlement.
Kinsley, Loretta, dec'd.  Minor heir of Barbara Kinsley, heir of Henry Bass.
Kuhn, Conrad, dec'd.  Sale Bill, 1889.

Lamb, Isaac, dec'd.  Full estate bundle.
Law, Dorothy, petition for adoption.  Flora McPherson, petitioner, 1920.
Larrison, Robert, dec'd.  Sale Bill, 1840.
Lee, Hiram, dec'd.  Distribution of assets among the heirs, 1892.
Lemaster, Isaac, dec'd,  Sale Bill.
Lemmons, William, dec'd.  List of heirs, 1917.
Leonard, Joseph, sale of real estate.
Leonard, Robert E. From widow's waiver to final settlement.
Lewis, Flora and Lucius, minor heirs.  Petition to sell real estate in Liberty Township, 1880.
Lewis, Mary A., dec'd.  Inventory, sale bill, reports and receipts, 1876.
Lisher, Dora, Olive, Martha & Henry, minor heirs.  Report of guardian, B. F. McFall, 1879.
Little, William O.  Miscellaneous receipts
Louden, Mary M., dec'd. Letters of guardianship for Glendora & Charles A. Louden.
Love, Samuel.  1849.

Macy, Rebecca.  Inventory, receipts, final report and will, 1862.
Major, William S.  Inheritance tax on distribution among heirs and legatees.
Mann, Lucy J, dec'd.  Proof of guardianship of minor heir, Rutherford Mann.
Matthews, James, dec'd.  Sale Bill, 1837.
William M. and Oma A. McCalip, minor heirs of Mary McCalip. William S. Ensley, guardian, 1876.
McGaughey, David S.  An estate "without administration".
McNeely, excerpts from the estate of Burwell McNeely, deceased.
McNeely, Robert. Court recorder's transcription only; estate bundle is missing.
Means, G. W., Inventory, Sale, Final exhibit, and receipts/vouchers.
Means, John, as guardian for  1) Sarah, James & Lafayetter Means  and  2) Eliza J. Means Copeland and Alfred Means, 1853-1855.
Means, John Fountain.  Sale bill, Insolvent claims, Final settlement, Distribution among heirs,, Receipts 1867.
Means, Mordecai, William & Nancy, minor heirs.  Guardianship vouchers from 1859-1871.
Means, Robert  Jr.  Inventory, Sale, Final exhibit and receipts, 1847
Means, Robert.  Final report listing thirteen heirs, 1886.
Means, Sarah L., James L. and Lafayette F., minor heirs of Robert Means Jr., 1853-1864.
Meiks, Jacob (Jr), dec'd, Inventory and Sale Bill, 1875.
Miller, Frederick W., dec'd.  Power of attorney for grandson, George Leuchtenburg, 1914.
Miller, Jesse.  Inventory, final report and will.  1832-1834.
Missing pieces. Names found on these stray pieces are listed at the top of the page.
Montgomery, James, guardian of nine minor heirs (all Montgomery's).
Montgomery, William, dec'd.  A portion of the final report with distribution among heirs, 1870
Moore, John W., Petition to sell real estate belonging to minor heirs.
Moore, William G., dec'd.  Letters of Administration, 1864.
Morgan, Samuel.  Inventory through final settlement.
Morris, Louisa, Nancy E., Polly A., Harriett, Eliza J., James W., minor heirs of Archibald Gordon, 1858.
Morris, Robert and Mabel, dec'd. Letters of guardianship for Lester Morris, minor heir.
Mount, Thomas, dec'd.  Widow's Renunciation, Inventory, Sale Bill, Vouchers and Final Report, 1842.
Mow, Catharine.  1842.  Sale Bill gives a wonderful account of the neighbors.
Mow, Daniel.  Early estate bundle with several badly tattered pages, 1836-1843.
Mullendore, George, dec'd. Guardianship ltrs for George A. & Robert M. Porter, minor heirs.
Munson, Thelma G. & R. J. Appointment of their guardian; deceased's name not given.
Murphy, Nellie, minor heir.  Partition of real estate among all heirs of Samuel Murphy, dec'd.
Murphy, Samuel, dec'd.  Petition to sell wheat at private sale.
Murphy, Sophia E., dec'd.  Application, Final Settlement and Receipts, 1892.

Nail, Henry, dec'd.  Will, inventory, sale bill and receipts, 1827.
Newton, Clara, dec'd.  Inventory and final settlement.  Mary Newton, guardian.
Newton, John C., George, Eliza A., William, minor heirs of  Philinda Newton
Noe, Eddie.  Adoption of infant by William J Noe, 1875.

O'dell, Jeremiah.  Final Report, 1897.
Oldham, George, dec'd.  Bond, inventory, sale bill and receipts, 1837
O'Toole, John, dec'd.  Margaret O'Toole Tracey, "one of the heirs."  1913.

Parkerson (Parkinson/Parkison), Jonathan, selected papers.
Pherigo, minor heirs (six) of  John and Esther Pherigo, 1885.
Pierson/Pearson, Adam; Rebecca Pierson requesting distributive share from Elijah Hand.
Pollard, Margaret J., minor heir. Guardian's report.
Pope, Harvey.  Complete estate bundle, 1852-1863.
Porter, Allen, dec'd.  Claim against the estate of Mary A Porter, dec'd.
Powell, Murphy, dec'd.  Letters of Administration, Jesse Talbert, 1847.

Rapp, George J., dec'd.  Inventory and Settlement,  1925.
Rapp, Margaret, dec'd.  1897.
Reed, George C., dec'd.  Inventory, Receipts and Sale of Real Estate, 1875.
Reed, Jacob, dec'd.  Petition to sell real estate and the final report of Thomas J. Jones, administrator, 1877.
Reed, John R, James, Mary F & Mildred, minor heirs of James Reed, dec'd.  Settled 1880.
Reeves, Alvin L., minor heir.  Guardians request for discharge
Rhoads/Rhodes, John B.  Probated 1855-1861:  inventory, sale bill and settlement.
Rice, David, dec'd.  Petition to vest property in the widow, Eliza McKinney.
Rice, John, dec'd.  Amended Petition for Final Settlement, 1837.
Roberts, Earl, petition for adoption by Margaret Roberts, 1920.
Robertson, Alexander, dec'd. Inventory through final settlement.
Robertson, David, dec'd. 1864-1866. Inventory, sale bill, vouchers & final report.
Roarty/Rorety  minor heirs.  Attorney's log of trips made to collect information for a military pension, 1885.
Robinson/Robison, Neal C., dec'd.  Includes complaint of widow in LaPorte County.  Joseph Robison, adm, 1838.
Ross, Charles, minor heir of Daniel Ross, deceased.  Elijah Hand, guardian.  1855.
Ross, Daniel, deceased.  James Harrison, Administrator de bonis non.  1856.

Scull, Samuel B. and Margaret, minor heirs.  Appointment of guardian, 1846.
Seaman, Joseph, dec'd.  Appraisement for division of property among heirs, 1853.
Sexton, Carrie, minor heir. Guardian - Oliver Sexton.
Shafer, William, dec'd.  Receipts from Query and Yeager, general store, 1878.
Shaw, Sidney, dec'd.  Application for Letter of Administration, including a list of heirs, 1918.
Shourt, Lucinda and Sarah, minor heirs of  Maria Shourt, dec'd.  Interim report by guardian, James Chambers, 1863. 
Simmons, Emily, Edgar, Leonidas and American, minor heirs, 1872
Sleeth, David, dec'd.  Will and receipts for settlement, 1868.
Smith, William, abstract of will, 1858.
Snider, Peter, dec'd.  Appointment of Administrator, 1877.
Spurlin, Esther, dec'd.  Petition to sell real estate, 1885.
Spurlin, Jesse, dec'd, Widow's Relinquishment, Receipts and Final Settlement, including Distribution, 1873.
Stanley, Nathan, decd. Administrator's bond.
Stansifer, John, ward.  Sale of land by Abraham Stansifer, guardian.
Stewart, Adrian Gilbert.  Petition for adoption by John and Jennie Tanner.
Stickford, Frederick, dec'd. Proof of guardianship, Margie & Howard Dale Stickford, minor.
Stone, David, miscellaneous receipts.
Stone, Rachel P, minor heir.  Final report following Rachel's 21st birthday.
Storm, Margaret Maholm.  Declaration of pension for soldier, Coleman F. Storm, 1907.
Streng, Joseph H and William H, minor heirs. Guardianship papers; decd's name not mentioned.
Stubbs, Zephaniah, dec'd.  Sale Bill and letter from heirs, 1880.
Swain, Alonzo, decd.  Administrator vs heirs; petition for order to sell lands to pay debts.
Swinford, Nancy A.  Final Report of Administrator, Lewis Swinford, 1906.

Talbert, Paris C., decd.  Names from sale bill and receipts of heirs.
Thurston, Josephine, et al, Ex Parte Partition of Real Estate
Trees, Ida S. Petition for adoption by Jacob H and Susan M Trees.
Trees, Isaac, dec'd.  Sale of real estate.  David L. Wilson, administrator, 1894.
Tucker, Henry Line, dec'd.  Filebox 378.

Updegraff, Samuel. Martin Updegraff's sale of his ward's real estate.

VanArsdall, Joe.  Record of Inquest as to the Insanity of, 1940.
Vanarsdoll, James.  Partition of land near Freeport in Hanover Township, 1849.  
Vance, Lucinda.  Application for Letters of Administration, including death date, 1876.
Vanpelt, Harvey, the heir's assent to the sale of real estate to pay bills of the estate.
Vanskoik, George, dec'd.  Settlement of an estate less than $500.
Vaughn, Samuel, final settlement of a trust.

Wagner, John C., dec'd.  Father of Clara Wagner Scott, 1892
Walton, George and Lourilla.  Adoption of Oriena Rose, 1919.
Warner, Martin, dec'd.  Appointment of guardian and trustee, 1872.
Weaver, Catharine.  Lovina Smucker, executrix, 1879.
Weaver, George P.  Estate bundle missing; entry from the probate order book.
Weaver, Ruby Hester Yarbrough.  Adoption by Sarah Jane Weaver, 1908.
Weaver, Samuel.  Inventory and vestment of widow.  Letter of guardianship of minor heirs.
Webb, Charles, dec'd.  Sale of Real Estate and Inventory,  Caroline Webb, administratrix, 1849.
Weigher, Robert, dec'd.  Letters Testamentary  for Catharine Weigher, executrix, 1834.
Weir, Catharine, dec'd.  Petition to sell personal property and final settlement including distribution among heirs.
Wessel, Clarence, petition for adoption.  Elmer and Margaret Slifer, petitioners, 1920.
Wherritt, Hiram W., dec'd.  Letters of Administration and balance for distribution among heirs.
White, Harriet J.  Minor heir of  Jeremiah White and Andrew Ensminger, 1870.
Whiteman, Mary Ann.  Minor heir of  Bishop Whiteman, 1844.
Wicker, Albert E, Benjamin W, Laura A & Jeremiah, minor heirs. Final settlement.
Wier, Douglas.  Minor heir of Amanda Wier, dec'd.  Henry Wier Guardian, 1881.
Williams, Daniel.  Letters, Sale Bill and Final Report.
Williams, Eli.  Sale Bill and Final Report.
Williams, Emma Belle & James A,  guardianship.
Williams, George W. and Carrie Mary.  Adoption of Ethel Effie Murphy, 1919.
Williams, Matthew.  Sale of Personal Property.
Wood, Isaac, dec'd.  Grant of Letters of Administration, 1863.
Woolley, William Henry, sale bill.
Worland, John M., dec'd.  Interim report, 1862.
Worland, minor heirs of  Sebastian Worland, Letters of Administration and Sale of Real Estate, 1863.
Worland, Robert A., dec'd.  Grant of Letters Testimentary, 1864.
Worland, Sebastian, dec'd.  Administrative accounts for various Probate Order Books, 1864.
Worland, Worland & Eck, Commissioners' Report of Ex Parte Partition
Wright, Nancy H.:  Contestment of settlement.

Young, Anna, dec'd.  Statement from heirs of the decedent, 1913.
Young, James, Sr. Some of the names on the Sale Bill, (following the will entry).
Young, Levi.  Report of final settlement recorded in the probate order book.

Probate  Fee  Book  B
Probate case fees, 1838-1839

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