Guardianship  of
Alvin  L.  Reeves. 
minor heir

Probate Order Book 4
Page 177

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Request  by  Guardian  for  Discharge

Wednesday, 3rd Day March Term 1862 Mar. 5th
Guardianship of  Alvin L. Reeves  a minor

            Now comes into open Court  Lewis J. Reeves the guardian of said minor and files and presents to the Court his report herein which reads as follows Towit: (here insert) From which it appears there has nothing come into his hands belonging to his ward since his last report March 1859.  And that he has paid Court Cost $1.35  And the Court after examining said report being satisfied therewith accept the same and order that said Guardian be discharged from the arrest on payment of costs.

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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