Estate  of

Wilford  Carter


Filed January the 6th 1858
Alexr Miller   Clerk

Recorded in Probate 
Order Book No 2

Wilford Carter  Of Shelby County in the State of Indiana _ do make and publish this my last Will and Testament.
First It is  [?]  Will that my past debts and tax charges be paid out of my estate.
Second. It is my will that there be a set of good plain Tomb Stones put at my Grave and also at the Grave of my (deceased) wife, and be paid for out of my Estate.
Third, It is my Will. That all the residue of my Estate bothe Real & Personal. Be sold and converted into cash., by my Executor Hereinafter to be appointed by me. either public or private sale as He may think best, and the proceeds, (after paying the expenses attending the Administration and settlement of my Estate) be divided among Nine (9) of my Heirs, as follows towit, namely;  one Ninth part to  Harin Carter, one Ninth part to  Mary Fields, one Ninth part to the Heirs of  Allen Carter  (deceased), one Ninth part to  Nancy Campbell, one Ninth part to the Heirs of  Elizabeth Harsin (deceased) one Ninth part to  Lydia Dodd, one Ninth part to  James Carter, one Ninth part to  Sarah Coffey
Likewise, I make constitute and appoint my Son  John W. Carter  to be Executor of this my last will & Testament, Hereby Revoking all former Wills by me Heretofore made.
In testimony, Here of I have herein set my Hand and seal 13th day, of November in the year 1857.
Signed and acknowledged Willford    X   Carter  seal 
By Willford Carter as mark   
His Last Will and testament
In our presence, and signed 
By us in His presence, & also
In the presence of each other

Joseph  X  Odell

/s/   Isaac " Odell
State of Indiana 
Shelby County I 

Before me Alexander Miller Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of said County of Shelby personally come. Isaac Odell one of the Subscribing Witnesses to the foregoing instrument of the writing and being by me duley sworn says he saw and heard Wilford Carter who is now deceased sign Seal and publish and Declare the said instrument of writing to be his last will an testament and that he was of sound mind and memey at the time of Its Execution and not under Restaint or coersion that he signed his name 
There to as witness in the presence of said testator and at his request and in the presence of each other and further says [ the paper is torn here ]
Is ll  Odell
[ the paper is torn or worn in several of the areas at this point ]

Subscribed and sworn to [?] be for me
Decem ( this is partially erased) January the 6th 1858 
Alexander Miller Clerk         

State of Indiana 
Shelby County Is 
                                        I Alexander Miller Clerk
Of the Court of Common Pleas of said County Cirtify that the with in Will of Wilford Carter Deceased has been duley 
Admitted to probate that its due Executor was this day for [?]ven by 
Isaac Odell whose proofs He together  [?] 
Such will have been recorded an 
Probate order book No 2
In Witness whereof I have
here unto Set my hand and 
affixed the seal of said 
Court this 6th day of 
January the 6th 1858 
Alexander Miller Clerk 

Transcribed by Cheryl Storie

Inventory,  Personal  Property

An Inventory of the personal Estate of Wilford Carter, deceased, taken by John W. Carter Executor, and appraised by Joseph Odell & James B. Holmes 

Description of property /  evaluation
of Property
1. ten fat hogs $ 9.00  x  27. one old wagon $10.00
2. five stock hogs 14.00 28. Balance on note of Wm Mc
3. one sow 7 pigs 6.50      Daniels      due 21.00
4. one gray mare 50.00 29. three dollars in cash 3.00
5. three acrers corn  18.00 30. two table cloths 1.00
6. thirty five bushels wheat  17.50 31. one cow 18.00
7. two bunches of blade [fodag]  3.00 32. one red cow 20.00
8. two sugar kettles 5.50
9. lot of sundries 2.00
10. one horo collar ( fan?? Chain) 1.50
11. one wash tub 1.25
12. one small lot cubboard ware 3.00
13. one square cubboard 4.00
14. one stone churn .50
15. one set common chairs  1.75
16. one cotton wheale .50
17. one breakfast table 2.00
18. one chest 2.00
19. three bed quilts 6.00
20. five blankets 5.00
21. one cover lid 3.00
22. one comfort 2.00
23. two sheets .75
24. one fether bed straws
     Tie two pillers
25.     do    " 3.00
26. one bed sted & cord .50

Inventory,  Real  Estate

An Inventory of the Real Estate of 
Wilford Carter Deceased taken by said Executor
And appraised by said appraisers 


Description of Property

1 The East Half of South west quarter
Of Section Nine (9) township Thirteen 
(13) North of Range Six (6) East
Containing Eighty acres of Land more or less

State of Indiana 
Shelby County

We Joseph Odell and James B. Holmes 
Swear, the foregoing appraisement is a 
Fair Honest and impartial appraisement of all of the Personal & Real Estate of Willford Carter late of Shelby County Ind Deceased
Which has been Exhibited to us _

Joseph     X     Odell 
                       Mark     appraisers 

James B. Holmes 

Sworn to and subscribed to before
me Isaac Odell a Justice of this court
in said County this 15th day of Jan'y 1858
Isaac Odell    Justice     Seal
( this was hand written with a circle around it )


State of Indiana
Shelby County 

I John W. Carter. Executor of the last
Will of the estate of Willford Carter deceased 
Swear that the foregoing is a true and 
Complete inventory of all the Personal and Real Estate of Said Decedent which Has 
Come tomy knowledge, taken on the 
15th day of January A.D. 1858 ___ So Help
Me God ___             (signed)         John W. Carter

Sworn to and subscribe before me
????? th day January A.D. 1858 
(signed)        Isaac Odell    Justice     Seal
( this was hand written with a circle around it )

[I tried to keep this the same as it was on the paper. - CS]
Transcribed by Cheryl Storie

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