John  Baker,  dec'd

Box  28

Elijah Baker & Amos Baker
Executors of the Estate
of John Baker decd
Final Exhibi

Filed in open Court
August 8th 1849 I.Vernon Ck

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Payment made to the Legatees ---
 A  Paid to   Amos Eskew upon legacy of his wife S 569.97-1/2
 B    "    "  Ruth Hulse [spelled Huls on rec'ts]    545.77
 C    "    "  Elisha Williams upon legacy of his wife     570.01
D    "    "  David Baker    720.03
 E    "    "     Nathan Julian     565.00
 F    "    "  George Forsythe upon legacy of his wife Mary      611.50
 G    "    "  John Baker     722.55-1/2
 H    "    "  Jesse Baker     720.00
 J    "    "  David Henry upon legacy of his wife      550.00
 K    "    " Amos Baker retained on his legacy      720.00
L    "    "  Elijah Baker retained on his legacy      720.00
     Amount of Dr    7518.96
     Amount of Cr    7718.06
     Amount overpaid by exec's   $ 197.36

Elijah Baker
Amos Baker
Sworn to and subscribed in open Court before me November 13th 1849.
I. Vernon Ck

Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

Some additional notes from Jill Knitl, Sun, 15 Aug 1999:
The Children of John Baker and Alsha (Catherine Athalia)Winscott Baker
Mary b: 1798 KY m: George Forsythe
Enoch b: ca. 1790 KY 13th Regiment (Dudley's) KY militia, apparently died at River Raisin, War of 1812.  This was also known as Frenchtown.  It was a horrible massacre caused by a bumbling officer not following instructions to hold.  Many wounded men left overnight were killed by Indians.
Ruth b: 1791 KY m: Nathan Huls
Elijah b: 1793 KY m: Cary (Sarah) Vance
Lydia b: 1797 KY m: (1)Joseph Adams (2)David Henry
David b: 1801 KY
Rachel b: 1802 KY m: Nathan Julian John
Jesse b: 1807 KY m: Lydia Umble
Martha b: 1808 KY m: Elisha Williams
Amos b: 1811 IN m: Amy Gunn
Rhoda b: 1814 IN m: Amos Eskew

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