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No. 27

Shelby  Circuit  Court.


Guardianship of

The minor Heirs of
Mattie  E.  Cochran,  dec'd

Edward L. Davisson

Filed October 9th, 1883
Fred H. Chueden, Clerk.

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Shelby Circuit Court.
October Term 1882.

        The undersigned States to the Court, that Mary Ann aged 11 years,  Ada B. aged 8 years, and  Mattie E Cochran, aged 2 years, minor heirs of  Mattied E. Cochran, deceased, are residents of said County of Shelby, that they are without Guardianship of their persons and estates; that their estates consists of personal property in money to accrue from the sale of the Real Estate of their deceased Grandmother  Ann Piatt, deceased, by the administrator of said estate, of the probably value in the aggregate of $400.00 and of the following described Real Estate situate in said County, to wit:  the undivided two thirds part of a part of the South half of the North East Quarter of Section Twenty (20)  Township twelve (12)  Range six (6)  containing twenty one acres, of the probable value of $666.66-2/3
/s/  J. V. Cochran

                                                Subscribed and sworn to this 9th day of October 1882.
/s/   Fred H Chueden

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Guardianship of
Mary A. Cochran

Edw L. Davisson

OB 30 P 435

Final Report.

KM Hord

Filed April 16/86
C. J. Fastlaben

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In the matter of the }}
Guardianship of Mary }}   Shelby Circuit
A., Ada B. and Mattie }}   Court
E. Cochran }}   March Term 1886
Edward L. Davisson, Gdn  }}
Said Guardian respectfully makes to court the following of his doings therein:
As shown by his last report made April 17th 1885
There was due to Mary A. the sum of
 $19.71 less for Service  $5.00 Net
1/3 of Rent for 1885 16.66
1/3 of Taxes for 1885 1.46
19.91 $31.37
And as Shown by Said report there was 
due Ada B. the Sum of $30.81 less for
services due Gdn $5.00 Net
1/3 of Rent for 1885 16.66
Dr. Q. W. Trees Medical service $3.75 $42.47
1/3 costs of Guardianship 1.00
1/3 costs of Gdn for Services 1.00
James P. Cochran  Board & Clothing 36.72 $42.47
And as shown by Said report there was overpaid to  Mattie E.  
the Sum of $5.08 and allowed to Gdn for services
$500 making Net amt overpaid $10.08
1/3 Taxes for 1885 1.46
1/3 of costs of Guardianship 1.00
1/3 to Gdn for Services 1.00
Paid Mrs. Amsden for board 3.13 $16.67
1/3 Received for Rents for 1885 16.67

Said Guardian would further Show to court that his wards are of the respective ages of 13-8-5 years that they are the owners Jointly of 21 acres of Land and that their father  James P. Cochran  has for the last years contributed to the Suport of all of Said wards and by and with the consent of this Guardian is now keeping house with all of Said wards in his care on Said tract of land owned by them and furnishing them their Support he the father being of a kind disposition toward his Children and disposed to furnish them with all the advantages of an Education in his power and this being the best and only arrangements by which Said wards can be provided and with Support and Educated with out the Sale of their land the funds on hand being exhausted.
        In view of the premises this Guardian would recomend the discontinuance of this Guardianship and ask that this report be approved and that he be fully discharged from Said trust
E. L. Davisson    Guardian                    

                                Subscribed and Sworn to this 16" day of April 1886
/s/ Charles J Fastlaben

Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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