Guardianship  of

Douglas  Wier

Box 213

Circuit Court Application for Letters of Guardianship
Douglas Wier Minor Heir of Amanda Wier Deceased
Henry Wier Guardian Order Book 22 page 224
Filed October 4" 1881 Fred H. Chueden Clerk The State of Indiana Shelby County, SS:

            The undersigned, applicant for letters of Guardianship on the persons and estates of  Douglas Wier age 16 years in 1881 minor heir of  Amanda Wier  late of Rush County, Indiana; said minor resides in Shelby county, in the State of Indiana, and is the owner of Real Estate situate in Rush County of the probable value of Fifty Dollars, which will rent annually for about the sum of ____ dollars. Said Ward also owned personal property of the value of _____ dollars. State of Indiana, Shelby county, SS:
            Henry Wier  being duly sworn, says that the material facts contained in the above statement and application for Letters of Guardianship on the person and estate of the person herein named are correct and true, as he verily believes, and further saith not.
Henry Wier
            Subscribed and sworn to before me this 4" day of Oct. 1881.
Fred H. Chueden  Clerk Circuit Court Shelby County    


Henry Wier   Guardian of  Douglas Wier
Report and asks to be discharged
Examined and approved H. C. Morrison Master Commr Fee $1.00 pd.
Report & Commrs. Report Approved Guardian Discharged

Order Book 23  
page 9 
Filed Feby 15" 1882 
Fred H. Chueden Clerk

 State of Indiana Shelby County SS
             To the Honorable the Judge of the Circuit Court of Shelby County Indiana
The undersigned Henry Wier Guardian of Douglas Wier would respectfully show to said Court that he is chargeable with the following money that came into his hands from the sale of a certain interest said ward has in certain land situate in Rush county, Indiana to wit $50.00 and that he received said sum about the 14" day of October 1881.

            Said Guardian claims credit for the following disbursements to wit:
No. 1 Paid to Fred H. Chueden Clerk $ 9 03
No. 2 Paid to Major & Major Attorneys 5 00
No. 3 Paid to Fred H. Chueden Clerk 1 00
No. 4 Paid H. Morrison Com. 1 00
No. 5 Paid Major & Major 1 00
No. 6 Paid Henry Wier Guardian 31 47
    $ 50 00
  Said Amount Guardian is chargeable 50 00
  Said amount Guardian is credited 50 00
           Said Guardian would further show to said Court that the above Fifty dollars is all the money he has received for said ward, and all he suspects to receive for said ward. That the object of his taking out letters of Guardianship was to effect sale and give title to said wards interest in certain real estate in Rush County, Indiana, and when that was accomplished there was no further necessity continuing said trust, that said ward is the child of the undersigned, and has no other property, that said child resides with the undersigned, and he is keeping him and taking charge of him. He makes out the within bill for services and goods purchased, for the purpose of disposing of the balance of said $50, so that said trust need not be continued, he therefore respectfully asks said Court to receive this his report, and he now tenders his resignation and asks that the same be received.
                        Henry Wier
            Sworn to and subscribed before me a Notary Public of Shelby county Indiana, this 15" day of February A.D. 1882. Witness my hand and Notarial seal
Stephen Major     Notary Public

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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