Estate  of

Alonzo  Swain,  decd

Filebox 103
Shelby County Courthouse, Shelbyville, IN

State of Indiana
Shelby County
In the Shelby Circuit Court
September Seven 1873

George W. Kennedy as
the administrator of the
Estate of Alonzo Swain decd
Rebecca Swain                   Petition
Mary Swain                      
for order
Thomas F. Swain                
to sell
Caroline Swain                   lands to
Janett Swain                      
pay debts
Burton F. Swain                    
Edward A. Swain
Hattie Swain

                  Now comes Scott Ray who is by the court appointed the guardian of & for the above named defendants bel librim  Caroline Swain,   Jannett Swain,  Burton F. Swain,  Edward A. Swain &  Hattie Swain  all of above are infants under twenty
        to the defence of their interests in the above entitled case
one years of age /\ and for the answer of said infant defendants as such guardian bel Libium to the petition in the above entitled cause of the above named George W. Kennedy as the administrator of the estate of the above named Alonzo Swain decd says that he for and on behalf of said infants said infant defendants   Specifically denies each and every material allegation contained in said petition and demands proof thereof
W. Scott Ray                  
Guardian bel Librum      
for Caroline Swain
Jannett Swain
Burton F. Swain
Edward A. Swain
& Hattie Swain
Transcribed by Janet Franklin
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