Shelby Circuit Court

In  the  matter  of  the  Guardianship  of
Ruby  Arnold,  now

Ruby  Black

Petition for Final Settlement

Packet 709

Jun 9, 1920

Gordon Thurston [signature]
Clerk Shelby Cir. Court

Wray & Sullivan
Clarke & Clarke
Attorneys for Petitioner

) SS:


            The undersigned would respectfully show the court that she is now 17 years of age and the wife of  Lawrence Black, who is of full age, and resides with her husband and child at 206 Eastern Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana.
            That she is the same person as Ruby Arnold for whom  Thomas H. Campbell  acted as guardian in this court and who as such guardian made a final report and was discharged some time prior to March 27th, 1914; that said guardian paid over to the Clerk of this court for the benefit of the undersigned the funds belonging to her in said trust, as appears by Order Book 63, page 55, in said court.
            That on or about March 27, 1914, this court ordered said funds to be placed on deposit with the Mutual Loan & Savings Company of Shelbyville, Indiana, for the benefit of the undersigned.
            That there is no longer a necessity for a guardian, either for the person or estate, of the undersigned and she therefore prays the court that this trust be finally closed as to her by the payment to her, with the consent of her said husband, Lawrence Black, of all funds belonging to her in this trust.
            That notice should be served upon the Mutual Loan & Savings Company, of Shelbyville, Indiana, of the filing of this petition in order that they may be bound by any order that the court may make therein.
            Wherefore, she prays the court that the funds belonging to her, now in the custody of the court, be ordered paid to her if the assent of her said husband, Lawrence Black, be given thereto.
Ruby Black     [signature]        

)    SS:

            Ruby Black, being first duly sworn upon her oath says that the matters set forth in the foregoing report are true.
Ruby Black [signature]

            Subscribed and sworn to before me this 4th day of June, 1920.
C. B. Clarke [signature]
Notary Public
My commission expires,
Jany. 7, 1921

PTB 11 P. 493
No. 5625

In the matter of the
Guardianship of
Ruby Arnold,
now Ruby Black


21 day of June 1920
31 judicial day May
Term, 1920

Wray & Sullivan
Attorneys for Plaintiff

Sheriff’s Fees
Service, .40
Return, .10
Docket, .10
Ret. on Doc .10

Probate SUMMONS - Circuit Court

State of Indiana, Shelby County, ss:
The state of Indiana, to the Sheriff of Shelby County, Greeting:
You are hereby commanded to summon Mutual Loan & Savings Company of Shelbyville, Indiana to appear in the Circuit Court of Shelby County, before the Judge thereof, on the 21 day of June, 1920, the 31st Judicial day of its May Term, 1920, now being held at the Court House in Shelbyville, County of Shelby, and State of Indiana, then and there to answer to the petition in the matter of the Guardianship of Ruby Arnold, now Ruby Black, for order of Court to pay trust funds to her and of this writ make due return.
            Witness, the Clerk of said Court and the seal thereof hereunto
                        affixed at Shelbyville, this 9th day
                        of June, 1920
                        Gordon Thurston [signature], Clerk S. C. C.

            I do hereby certify that I served this Summons on the 10th day of June 1920, by reading the same to and within the hearing of Edward Lewis, Secretary of Mutual Loan and Saving Company.
Alvin P. Baker, Sheriff of Shelby County

Packet 709


Jul 2 1920
Gordon Thurston [signature]
Clerk, Shelby Cir. Court

In the Matter of the Guardianship :
:   No. 5625. Petition for Final Settlement
of Ruby Arnold, now Ruby Black.    :

            Comes now the petitioner and submits to the court her petition in the above entitled cause, which petition is in the following words and figures, to-wit: (here copy petition in full).
            And petitioner shows to the court that the Mutual Loan and Savings Company of Shelbyville Indiana, which is interested in said petition, has been duly served with summons and notice of the hearing of said petition more than ten days prior to this date as shown by the return of the Sheriff of Shelby County Indiana indorsed thereon, which summons and notice and the Sheriff's return thereon are in the following words and figures, to-wit: (here insert).
            And the said Mutual Loan & Savings Company being three times called comes not but wholly makes default.
            And said petition and said matter is now submitted to the court for hearing, finding and order thereon, and the court having heard the evidence and being sufficiently advised in the premises finds that the matters and facts alleged in the petition are true and that said petitioner is a minor who will be 18 years of age in September 1920, but that she is married and is now the wife of Lawrence Black a resident of Indianapolis Indiana, who is past the age of 24 years. That petitioner and her said husband now living together as husband and wife and that said petitioner with the consent of her said husband is entitled to receive and receipt for the money mentioned in said petition and now in the hands of said Mutual Loan and Savings Company and belonging to the petitioner Ruby Black, the said amount of money being $142.25 with accumulated interest thereon since the 27 day of March 1914.
            It is therefore ordered by the court that the said Mutual Loan and Savings Company of Shelbyville Indiana pay over to the petitioner Ruby Black the said sum of $142.25 together with the accumulated interest thereon since March 27th 1914, which amount and interest belongs and is due to the said Ruby Black, and that said Mutual Loan and Savings Company upon the payment of said money to said Ruby Black shall take her receipt therefor which receipt shall also be signed by her husband Lawrence Black.
            The court further orders that the said petitioner shall pay the costs of this proceeding and the hearing thereof in this court.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In  the  matter  of  the  minority  of

Ruby  Arnold

Petition to place money in
loan association for benefit of minor.

M 4781

Filed Feb 27 1914
                                    Otto L. Coyle [signature]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Clerk of Circuit Court
Shelby County

State of Indiana,   XX     In the Shelby Circuit Court,
County of Shelby, 
February Term 1914
In the matter of the estate  XX
of Ruby Arnold a minor,  XX Petition to vest money for minor.
Now Ruby A. Bradburn,  XX
                                            Hon. Alonzo Blair Judge Shelby Circuit Court: -

            The undersigned Emma Bradburn, represents and shows to the Court that she and her husband Charles Bradburn adopted one Ruby Arnold in the Rush Circuit Court of Rush County Indiana, and that her name now is Ruby A. Bradburn; that she resides with this affiant at her home in Morgan County Indiana. Affiant further says, that she is informed and believes that there is now in the hands of the Clerk of the Shelby Circuit Court $142.25 for said Ruby Arnold, now Ruby A. Bradburn, and that said minor has no guardian to look after said funds for said minor.

            Affiant further petitions the Court to make an order to have said money placed in some Building and Loan Association or Trust Company in the City of Shelbyville, in the name of said minor, Viz: Ruby A. Bradburn, the same to be under the supervision of said Court.
Signed: Mrs. Emma Bradburn

            Subscribed and sworn to before me this 25 day of February A. D. 1914.
Signed: Thomas H. Campbell            
Notary Public            

My Commission expires,
Dec. 3d 1916

[The following is a receipt for court costs paid when a guardian was named to oversee money left for the minor, Ruby Arnold Bradburn.  There is a line on the receipt for the name of the guardian but that line is blank.]

Guardianship of
Ruby A. Bradburn  }} February Term, 1914
            Received of the above named guardian the sum of $1.50 in full of cost in above entitled 
guardianship, this March 28 1914.
Otto L Coyle [signature}
Clerk Circuit Court

Contributed by Richard Felts

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