Henry  F. Hinds

Box 52?
Courthouse vault
Shelbyville, Shelby Co IN

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State of Indiana, Shelby Co
In Common Pleas Court March 1862

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          Andrew R. Sleeth, William Kaster and Elbridge G. Mayhew, Represents and shows to the court that the said Sleeth is Administrator of the Estate of  Henry F. Hinds decd, and that the said Kaster is Guardian of the minor heris [sp per document] of said Hinds for moneys that come to them from the rents of said wards Real Estate, that the said Mayhew is Guardian for said heirs for moneys that came to them from their mothers estate: that the amount of personal estate or assetts that have come into said Administrators hands including everything but the Real Estate of the Decedent, is not sufficient to pay the claims against the Estate by about Eleven Hundred Dollars:  that all the personal estate of the decedent has been exhausted and nothing remains to pay the indebtedness of the same, but the Real Estate belonging to said wards, which cannot now be sold without great sacrifice and injure to them; that there is now a Judgment in this court amounting to about $800,00 which the parties are now -r/s-r/nding for payment:   And said parties Sleeth, Kaster and Mayhew further say that said Mayhew has in his hands funds of said ward amounting to about Four Hundred Dollars, and said Kaster has in his hands funds of said wards amounting to about Five Hundred ($500) Dollars and believing it wold be greatly for the interest of said wards to apply this amount now in their hands, as well as the rents that may be received from said Wards Real Estate to the payment of debts due and owing from said Estate till the same are fully paid and discharged, and thereby preventing the sale of their Real Esate by said Administrator:  they ask the Court to grant the said Guardians Kaster & Mayhew an order to apply the money now in their hands to the payment of said debts against said Estate or pay the same to the Administrator for said purpose, and also, that all the rents and profits of the Real Estate of said wards, not needed for their education, mentainance & support, and payment of taxes, cost and expenses of the Guardianships may be applied to the payment of said debts as before stated.

Andrew R. Sleeth            
William Kaster  (his mark)
Elbridge G. Mayhew        

Sworn to and subscribed in open court before me March 6 1862
A. Blair, Clerk
Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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