Minor  Heirs  of

Catharine  Criss,  Dec'd

Box 104

Settled 1873

Joshua Criss
Harriett Criss
Richard Criss
William Criss
Ann Criss
Ellen Criss

Minor heirs of Catharine Criss dec’d
Edward Daniels Guardian
See Probate Order Book 12 page 17 for Report and discharge of Guardian

Inventory of  Edward Daniels  Guardian of  Richard Criss  et al heirs of  Catharine Criss decd
Filed in Open Court March 19, 1868 J.G. Wolf Clerk
Order Book 7 page 552

Shelby County Shelby Common Pleas
State of Indiana                                March Term 1868
          Edward Daniels Guardian of the persons and estate of Joshua Criss, Richard Criss, Harriet Criss, William Criss, Ann Criss and Ellen Criss, minor heirs of Catharine Criss deceased, files the following inventory and Valuation of the estate both real and personal of said wards
Cash           $29 each aggregate $174.00
Cash rent of their lands for the year 1866 47.53
Total personal $221.53

          Real Estate and undivided interest in the following real estate in Shelby County Indiana towit the south West ¼ of Section 4 in Township 11 North R 8 E being about the undivided ¾ part of the ?1/9 part of said described tract of the value of about $550.00
          Annual rents thereof is probably about Edward Daniel $50.00        Edward Daniel
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 19th day of March 1868            J.G. Wolf Clerk


Box 104
Shelby Common Pleas
Final Report of Estate of Edward Daniels decd of the Guardianship of heirs by Lem Vanscoyc
Examined Approved & Administrator ordered to pay $51.45 cents, balance remaining in hands of Daniels, Guardian decd, belonging to Richard, Ellen, William & Ann Criss into Clerk of Court & discharged             R. L. Coffey
Filed August 16, 1873                                         John Elliott Clk

State of Indiana                               In the Shelby Common Pleas Court
Shelby County                                         March Term 1873

          Edw Lemuel A. Vanscoyc as Administrator of the Estate of Edward Daniels reports and shows to the Court that heretofore on the 30th day of December 1867 the said decedent then in life was appointed by this Court Guardian of Joshua Criss, Harriet Criss (then) but now Harriet Madison, Richard Criss, William Criss, Ann Criss and Ellen Criss, then minors heirs of Catharine Criss decd.
          That afterwards on the 14” day March 1868 said Edward Daniels, now deceased filed in the Shelby Court his inventory as such Guardian of the effects of said wards, that has come to his hands and to his knowledge in which inventory he charged himself with $29.00 recd by him belonging to each of said wards making in the aggregate the sum of $174.00 that he had received rent of said wards lands for the year 1866 being


He charges the Estate of said Daniels with interest on same from 
March 1st 1868 to June 25th same year 3.68

and Hereas such Administrator claims credit for same estate of Daniels for the following amounts paid out by him for said wards per vouchers herewith filed
1st paid Love & McGuire Atty fee in business of said wards $5.00
interest on same to June 25, 1868 2.70
2 paid F. G. Robertson County Treas tax on said wards property 37.45
interest on same to June 25, 1868 1.08
April 3d 1868
3 paid to A.H. Brown collector succession tax 7.00
interest to June 25 1868 .07
He shows that he is informed and believes on such information that 
said Decedent on his trip to Shelbyville to take out letters of Guardianship 
nessingly necessarily spent
That he paid for Stamp for his Bond as such Guardian that about 
March 19th 1868 he went from St. Paul Ind to Shelbyville to file his 
inventory and report as such Guardian and in doing so necessarily 
spent in traveling expenses
And that he paid B. F. Love for making said report to this Court 5.00
And that about April 3d 1868 said Daniels again went to Shelbyville Ind 
to pay the succession tax charges against his said wards estate and again 
spent about tw
In traveling expenses. He spent for Revenue Stamp 1.00
And that said Daniels up to this time lost at least three days necessarily 
spent in that business of said guardianship and that the same was worth 
$2.00 per day making the sum of
For which he claims credit                                                  Total Credits   $69.60
After deducting the $69.60 of credits from the $221.53 for 
charges there remains
With which he is chargeable. 

Which was ordered and that before the 25th day of June 1868 said Joshua Criss arrived at the age of 21 years and on that day said Edward Daniels paid him in full settlement with him of and for all effects in said Guardians hands of which he was the owner and paid him in full and took his receipt therefore which is herewith filed. That there was on such settlement due said Joshua Criss by the above statement of acct the sum of $25.32, but that said guardian paid him as shown by said receipt the sum of $26.85 and as to the guardianship of said Joshua Criss he asks that the estate of said Edward Daniels be discharged and files receipt and by reason of the premises he directs from the above charge of $151.93,
the said share of said Joshua Criss being $ 25.32
Leaving the sum of $126.61
With which is then stood chargeable, but he claims credit for the following amounts paid out for said 5 remaining wards
1868 Oct 8 F. G. Robertson County Treas taxes 5/6 amt of voucher $ 9.60
interest to this date 2.30
1870 Feb 1st paid F. G. Robertson Co. Treas 5/6 amt of voucher 13.33
interest to date 2.44
1871 March 8 paid J. Spurlin Sheriff of Shelby Co on fee bill 14.52
interest on same to date 1.75
Paid J. Elliott Clerk costs of guardianship 8.15
          He shows that he is informed that said Daniels spent traveling expenses 
necessarily in procuring the partition of said wards lands including one days time
And Administrator shows that he has necessarily spent one days time in making 
this report and spent 70 cents on traveling expenses in making the same and he 
claims credit therefore for the sum of
paid B. F. Love Clerking fee for making this report 6.00
Amt of credits brot from 3rd page due the 5 wards June 25th 1868 == $126.61
Interest for same from June 25th 1868 to this date     35.78
Amt of Credits brot from 3d page     63.84


$ 98.55

          He shows that said Harriett has arrived at the age of 21 years and is now the wife of  Irwin Madison  and that her full share of said funds is the 1/5 of said sum of $98.55 being $19.71 and that he has settled with her with the amount of her said husband in full for all her demands against said estate of said Daniels for funds and effects belonging to her against said estate and paid her $19.71 in full of all demands and files the receipt of her and her said husband herewith, therefore and asked that said estate as to her be discharged from said Guardianship. And he charges himself with 4/5 of said $98.55 being $78.84 in favor of Richard Criss, William Criss, Ann Criss and Ellen Criss the remaining 4 of said wards owned by them in equal proportions. 
May 19 1868 And he charges said claims credit for $21.00
With interest on same to this date 6.09
Total credits $27.09

          Deduct from $78.84 the Credits $27.09 and there remaining $51.75 belonging to said four wards being $12.94 for each of said wards, and he has paid to the Clerk of this Court for said wards Richard, Ann, William & Ellen Criss the sum of $12.94 each and that to the best of his information he has paid all costs of said guardianship and accounted for all the moneys and effects of said wards paid over to his possession of said deceased guardian and as to said 4 wards he asks that said estate be finally discharged.                 L.A. Vanscyoc Administator
 Subscribed and sworn to before me this 18 day of March 1873                 John Elliott Clk
           Received of Edward Daniel Guardian of Minor heris of William Criss deceased the sum of Five dollars. January 3rd 1867                             Love & McGuire Attys
No. 29                                                     Treasuers’s Office
Shelbyville, Ind. Dec 30, 1867
          Received of Catharine Chriss by E. Daniels Guard—Thirty-six Dollars and 15 Cents, in full 6/8 part for State, County, School, Library, Special School, Township, Sinking Fund, County Volunteer Bounty, Road and Dog Tax for the year 1865-6 & 7, on the following described Property, Poll and Personal
                Description of Land                   Sec T R Acres
W ½ SW 4 11 8 80
36.15 Noble
1.30 Cost
                            F. G. Robertson Treas Shelby Co

No 81                                         UNITED STATES INTERNAL REVENUE 
Collector’s Office, 6 District of Ind
           Received of Edward Daniels for Wm. Chriss Heirs as Guardian Seven Dollars for Excise Tax on Successessor to Real Estate being amount assessed on _____ list for Mch 1868
A.H. Brown, Collector


Received June 25th 1868 of Edward Daniels My Guardian Twenty Six dollars and Eighty five cents in full of all the money in his hands for me as his ward I having arrived to the age of Twenty one years old.         Joshua Chriss


          Received of Edward Daniel twenty one Dollars for for rest of William Criss four 
youngest heirs.         May 19th 1868             Cintha Criss     her  X  mark 
Attest    Jas. A. Kirkpatrick 

Wm. H.R. Reed Common Pleas Court
Jno C. Echart Et al March Term 1870
Ex Parte Partition
Edward Daniels      Guardian                
          Rec’d of Lemuel VanScyoc for Edward Daniels Guardian, the sum of Fourteen dollars and fifty two cents in full of Fee Bill rendered March 1870 
March 8, 1871                                                         Ithamer Spurlin   Shff S.C.   LS
          Received of Lem Vanscyoc admr of Estate of Edward Daniels decd the sum of six dollars for making out report of the guardianship of said decedent of the minor heirs of Wm. Criss decd
                               March 10th 1873                               B.F. Love Atty 

State of Indiana, Shelby County, SS:
           I, Alexander Miller J. G. Wolf, Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of said county, certify that Edward Daniels, of said County has been appointed Guardian of the person and property of Joshua Criss, Harriet Criss, Richard Criss, William Criss, Ann Criss and Ellen Criss minor heirs of Catharine Criss, late of said county, deceased, and has qualified as such.
           In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and the Seal of said Court, 
the 30” day of December, 1867.                                             J.G. Wolf Clerk
Guardianship of Joshua Criss Et al                                     March Term, 1873 
Edward Daniels, Guardian
           Received of the above named Guardian Lemuel A. Vanscyoc Administrator of the Estate of Edward Daniels, dec’d the sum of $8.15 in full of the Costs accrued in the above entitled Guardianship on Settlement thereof.
                    Shelbyville, Ind. March 17” 1873                                 John Elliott Clerk


          We the undersigned Harriet Madison formerly Harriet Criss but now wife of the undersigned Irwin Madison and the said Irwin Madison hereby acknowledge that we have settled with L.A. Vanscyoc the Administrator of Edward Daniels decd, the former Guardian of said Harriet and that We the undersigned have received from him paid to said Harriet with the consent of her said husband the sum of Nineteen Dollars and seventy one cents in full of all moneys and effects with which said Estate of said Daniels is chargeable on account of said Guardianship this March 17, 1873.
Harriet Madison                     Erwin W. Madison                   

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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