Estate  of

John  C.  Wagner

Box 373

Henry Doble Administrator

Filed September 12th 1892
        John R. Sedgwick 

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Application  for  Letters  of  Administration

State of Indiana
County of Shelby                             Shelby Circuit Court

             Joel E. Scott being duly sworn according to law on his oath deposes and says: that he is informed and believes that one  John C. Wagner  died in the State of Ohio on the 5" day of August 1892 leaving personal property in the County of Shelby and State of Indiana of the probable value of Thirteen Hundred Dollars; that so far as he knows the decedent died intestate; that there has been no administration on his estate, so far as the affiant knows; that he knows of no other county in this State in which the decent left personal property; that he also left real estate in this county; that affiantís wife Clara I. Scott is a daughter of said Wagner and the only child of his who resides in this state; that his widow is a non resident of the State of Indiana; that it is the request of affiantís wife that Henry Doble shall be appointed Administrator of the estate of said decedent, and further this deponent saith not.
Joel D. Scott        
Subscribed and sworn to before me, the undersigned, this 12" day of September 1892
                        Alonzo Blair     Notary Public

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


State of Indiana, Shelby County, ss:
            Notice is hereby given that on the 12" day of September 1892 Henry Doble was by the Shelby Circuit Court appointed Administrator of the Estate of John C. Wagner deceased and that said Estate is probably solvent/
            This 12" day of September 1892                 Henry Doble


Proof  of  Publication
State of Indiana
Shelby County SS:
            BEFORE ME Lee F. Wilson a Notary Public this day personally came E. A. Major who being duly sworn according to law, says he is the Bís Mgr of The Shelby Democrat, a weekly newspaper of general circulation, printed and published in the City of Shelbyville, Shelby County, Indiana, and that the notice of which is a true copy is hereunto attached, was published in said paper on the 15 day of Sept 1892 and once each week for 2 weeks thereafter.
E. A. Major
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 5 day of Nov 1892
Lee F. Wilson N.P.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Final  Report

Shelby Circuit Court                             December Term 1892

In the Matter of the Estate of John C. Wagner Decd
Report and Resignation of Henry Doble Admr
Approved L.J. Hackney Judge
Filed November 21, 1892 J. R. Sedgwick Clerk

            As Administrator of the Estate of said decedent I make this my final report and ask that the same be approved and I be discharged.

            I am chargeable as follows:

1. With money received from 1st National Bank Shelbyville, Indiana $609.57
I claim credits as follows:
Voucher 1. Araminta Wagner Executrix $580 87
Voucher 2. John R. Sedgwick Clerk 8 70
Voucher 3. Adams & Carter 10 00
Voucher 4. Self for Services 10 00
  Total $609 57

            I did not file any inventory because by agreement with sd Executrix of the last will of said decedent it was agreed I need not do so until it was ascertained that steps she would take in the matters of the allotment of said estate. At the time of my appointment we did not know here that there was a will however one was probated in Pennsylvania and a certified copy of the same has been probated in this court
            I have received no money belonging to said Estate except that with which I have charged myself in this report. I do not deem it necessary to file any inventory. I ask that report be received and I be discharged.
Henry Doble
            Subscribed and sworn to before me this the 21st day of Nov 1892
Isaac Carter Notary Public

            Recd Nov 19th 1892 of Henry Doble as administrator of the Estate of John C. Wagner deceased for and on behalf of Araminta Wagner Executrix of the will of John C. Wagner deceased the sum of $580.87
Hord & Adams                            
Atty for Araminta Wagner Executrix

Transcribed by  Barb Huff

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