Anna  Young,

Box 775

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State of Indiana Shelby Circuit Court
Shelby County SS September Term, 1913

In the matter of the estate of  Anna Young, deceased
Marquis J. Young, Administrator

            Comes now  John Nightengale,  Mary Smith  and  Sarah McLane  and respectfully represent and show to the court that they are the sole and only heirs of said decedent.  John Nightengale being a brother of said decedent and Mary Smith and Sarah McLane being sisters of said decedent.  That said decedent left no father, mother, children or other heirs than these petitioners surviving her.  That these petitioners are residents of Yorkshire, England.  That the final report of said  Marquis J. Young, administrator of said estate, shows that there is a balance of $281.37 left for distribution among your petitioners;  That your petitioner John Nightengale is entitled to $93.79 of said sum;  that your petitioner Mary Smith is entitled to $93.79 of said sum;  That your petitioner Sarah McLane is entitled to $93.79 of said sum.
            Wherefore your petitioners pray for an order authorizing and directing the clerk of said court to pay out said sums to your petitioners as above set out, and for all other proper relief in the premises.
John Nightengale         Sarah McLean         Mary Smith

Signed in Reference of C. Dale Atkinson Clerk in Holy Order

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In the Matter of The Estate of Anna Young, deceased
Petition granted authorizing Clerk to pay money to Attorney in fact for heirs
Petition granted as prayed Jany 14, 1914
Alonzo Blair Judge     Filed Jan 14, 1914
Otto L. Coyle     Clerk of Circuit Court Shelby County
State of Indiana                                                                 Shelby Circuit Court
Shelby County              SS November Term, 1913

            Comes now  Marquis J. Young and respectfully represents and shows to the court that the administrator of said estate paid in to the Clerk of said court the sum of $281.90 for  John Nightingale,  Mary Smith  and  Sarah McLane heirs of said decedent and that they are each entitled to the undivided one-third part of said sum; that this petitioner is attorney in fact for said heirs and has power of attorney from them to receive and receipt for their respective shares of said money.
            Wherefore the petitioner prays the court for an order authorizing and directing the Clerk of said court to pay over to him, this petitioner as attorney in fact for said heirs, the money so due them and for all other proper relief in the premises. M. J. Young

State of Indiana
Shelby County         SS
            Marquis J. Young being first duly sworn, on his oath, says that the above petition is true in substance and in fact.

M. J. Young        
            Subscribed and sworn to before me this 14th day of January, 1914.
J. Oscar Hall     Notary Public                    
My commission expires Dec. 9, 1914

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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