Guardianship  of

Samuel  B.  &  Margaret  Ann  Scull

Minor  heirs  of  James  Scull

Appointment  of  Guardian,  John Scull

Page 501-502
August Term 1846

            Now comes the said  John Scull  and moves the Court to appoint him Guardian of  Samuel B. Scull  and  Margaret Ann Scull  minor heirs of  James Scull  dec’d who are under the age of fourteen years, and thereupon the Court appoint the said John Scull Guardian of the persons and estates of the aforesaid minor heirs during their minority, and the said John Scull together with  Samuel Baxter  executes and files a bond in the penal sum of two hundred dollars conditioned for his faithful performance of his trust as such Guardian and takes the oath as required by law.  And this cause is continued.

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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