Ora  R. Huffman
a  minor

Gideon  H. Huffman, Guardian

Final Report

 Box 740

Filed January 1, 1912
Alonzo Blair  Judge
             Jan 10, 1912
Carter & Morrison Attys

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

            Said Guardian asks credit for the following amounts paid out for and or account of said ward since his last report
Voucher 1    Paid J. W. Parkhurst Treas taxes              $ 16 59
Voucher 2 Paid J. W. Parkhurst Treas taxes 12 85
Voucher 3 Paid J. W. Parkhurst Treas taxes 28 86
Voucher 4 Paid Otto L. Coyle Clerk costs 3 00
Voucher 5 Paid Carter & Morrison Attys 10 00
Guardian’s claim for services 10 00
                           Total credits $ 81 30
                           Balance due Ward $ 2286 19

            Said Guardian shows that his said Ward arrived at the age of 21 years on the 28th day of December 1911. That he has this day had a final settlement with his said ward and has paid and accounted to him for the balance due said ward as herein above shown that said wards receipt therefore is attached hereto.
            Wherefore said Guardian asks that this his report be approved and that he be finally discharged from his said trust. G. H. Huffman
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 30th day of December 1911.
H. C. Morrison     Notary Public Commissioned to June 17” 1915


            Received of Gideon H. Huffman as my former Guardian that sum of $2286.19, the balance due me on final settlement and this day had with my said Guardian, as shown by the annexed report, I having arrived at the age of 21 years on the 28th day of December 1911.
December 30th 1911
Ora R. Huffman

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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