Guardianship  of

William,  Albert  &  Carey  Derrickson

Shelby  Common  Pleas

William N. Bennett  shows that  Albert T. Derrickson  and  Carey J Derrickson who are minor heirs of  Albert Derrickson  deceased, and are over the age of 14 years (but whose exact ages are not known) that they reside in the State of Iowa, and have no Guardian, that they are the owners of the 2/49 of 60 acres of land in Shelby County Indiana and which is worth about $45.00 per acre, and the rents of said land is worth about $100 per year of which said  Albert T. and Carey J. are entitled to the 2/49 parts.  They will also receive from the Estate of  John Derrickson  late of said County deceased upon settlement, about $30.00 each, and it is necessary that they should have a Guardian to attend to their interests in said Estate and lands.
William N. Bennett /s/

Subscribed and sworn to before me, October 3d -- 1868 --
JG Wolf Clerk /s/

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Guardians Report
In the Guardianship of }
Albert T. Derrickson &     } Report
Cary J. Derrickson }

William N. Bennett, Guardian of said Wards now shows to the Court that he has received for them the following sums of money to wit,
July 10, 1869, from the Estate of John Derrickson deceased
April 6th 1870 on sale of land
Whole amount received
and which is on loan and no interest collected thereon ----    

And he further shows that he has paid out the following sums on account of said trust, to wit,

No 1 paid J.G. Wolf Jan,y 27, 1870 $3.94 accrued court costs
" 2 " " " " Mch 17--1871 1.18 accrued court costs
" 3 Davis & Wright " " " 3.00 attorneys fees

And he has paid the costs of the Citation issued to him herein and he asks to be discharged.
William N. Bennett

Subscribed and sworn to in open court March 17--1871.
JGWolf Clk

(OB 11:376)
In the Guardianship of }
Albert T. and Carey J. }
Derrickson . minors }
William N. Bennett Guardian of said minors, now shows to the Court, that at the time of making his last report,, March 17--1871 he had in his hands
belonging to said wards the sum of
Interest on said sum to date
Whole amount of charges
And said Guardian further shows that he has paid out on account of said trust the following sums for which he claims credit:

No 1 Paid John Elliott as per receipt
$ 1.72
    19 Feb 1873     court costs accrued
" 2 " C & GM Wright " " "
    19 Feb 1873     for services in said trust
" 3 " Albert T. Derrickson
    24 Apr 1872     **see transcript below
" Guardians Charge for services
      no receipt or voucher
  Interest on receipt No 3 to date
      no receipt or voucher
  Amount of credits
  Balance on hand

April 24th 1872
Received of William N. Bennett my late Guardian Sixty dollars which is my full Eaguel & distributive share In & to the Estate (Real & personal) of  John Derrickson  late of Shelby County Indiana Deceased, who was my Grand Father, I being a son of  Albert Derrickson, who was a son of John Derrickson.
[his signature] Albert T Derrickson

And said Guardian further shows that the said Albert T. Derrickson has arrived at full age, and that he has paid him all money due to him as such ward, as shown by receipt No 3. and he asks to be discharged as to him and the trust continued as to Carey J Derrickson
William N. Bennett
Subscribed & sworn to before me this 19th day of February 1873
Geo. M. Wright
Notary Public

Final Report
(OB 12:425)

Elizabeth O. Bennett
heir of William N. Bennett, who was
Guardian of Carey J. Derrickson
Examined approved & Guardian discharged
DD. Banta

State of Indiana }
Shelby County }
To the Honorable the Judge of the Shelby Circuit Court.
          The undersigned Elizabeth O. Bennett widow and only heir of William Bennett late of the County of Shelby and State of Indiana deceased, would respectfully represent that at the time of the death of the said William N. Bennett he was the Guardian of Carey J. Derrickson -- and that on the 19th day of February 1873 the said William N. Bennett made his last report to said Court in said guardianship and was then
chargeable with the sum of
balance from last report
Interest on same to date
amount in guardians trust
claims credit for the following
disbursements to wit
Paid to John Elliott Ck
court costs accrued
" " Major & Major
attorneys fees
" " Carey J. Derrickson
***amount paid ward
amount paid out by guardian

The undersigned would further show that siaid Carey J. Derrickson is now of the age of Twenty one years, and that she has paid to him the full amount coming to him, and taken his receipt for the same. she now asks that this report be received in full settlement of said Guardianship
[her signature] Elizabeth O Bennett

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 13' day of April 1874. Winess my hand and notarial seal.
William Z Conner
Notary Public

***Rec of  Mrs. Elizabeth O Bennett widow of  William N. Bennett deceased, who was my Guardian, the sum of sixty three dollars which is my full equal and dis- tributive share in and to the Estate Real and personal of John Derrickson late of Shelby County Indiana deceased, who was my Grand Father. I being a Son of Albert Derrickson who was a son of John Derrickson.
Cary J. Derrickson

Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming from the original papers in filebox 107 in the Shelby Co IN Courthouse.  For further information on this family, please contact Amy Derrickson.

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[This page was found "loose" in another filebox.]

Certified copy of

          State of Iowa, }
}   SS.
          Taylor County, }

To all to whom these Presents shall Come:
          Whereas,     William Derrickson

Of Taylor County, is entitled to certain estate in this State; and,
          Whereas,     Andrew R Derrickson has petitioned for the appointment of himself as Guardian of the estate of said minor; and,
          Whereas,     The said Andrew R Derrickson has entered into bonds for the faithful performance of his duty as such:
          Now, Therefore, Know Ye,     and all to whom it may concern, that the said Andrew R Derrickson is hereby appointed Buardian of the estate of William Derrickson
minor aforesaid, with full power to demand, sue for, and take possession of all money and estate belinging to his siad ward, and in general, to do all other acts which appertain to him in his said capacity, and as the law shall charge him.
Given under my hand and the seal of the Circuit Court of said County,
          this 12th day of July A.D., 1873
E. Fleming     /s/
              Clerk Circuit Court

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[Other side of same sheet]

He further shows that he had paid out on account of said trust the following sums to wit:
No. 1 Paid John Elliott Mch 10-1873
"   2
  "   to G. M. Wright   "  "  "
  "   Amount of credits
Balance on hands
Said Guardian further shows that he is now a resident of Taylor County, Iowa, ant the he was on the 12" day of July 1873 appointed, by the Circuit Court of Said Taylor County, Iowa, the Guardina of the Said  William Derrickson, and then and there gave bond as Such Guardian which bond was duly approved by said Court, and he has charged himself in said Court as such
[paperwork continues, but my copy ends here - pmf]

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