Estate  of

William  Little,  decd

[These receipts were found "loose" in the fileboxes of the courthouse vault.  They may belong to separate estates, i.e. Stineback  or  Downing.  Until I have further information, I have listed them here. - PMF]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[This is a preprinted form; extremely unusual in Shelby Co at this early date.]

          Ninety Days after date, due Wm. O. Little or
order   twenty   dollars ---------- cents, for value re-
ceived, this   17   day of   Nov   1834
B. Stineback   /s/    

[flip side]
B. Stineback
Filed Feb 2nd 1836    
S B Morris   Clerk  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[Entire note is in longhand.]
Shelbyville Sept 3rd 1825
Mr Jeremiah Downing Bot
of Goodrich & Little
10 yds Shirting at 31-3/4 --------------------------- 3-12 1/2
                received paymjent in full
Wm O Little /s/

[flip side]
Wm O little
$3 - 12-1/2

Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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