Shelby  County,  Indiana

Elijah Cartwright,  Dec’d

Box 33
Henry D. Andrews Admr 1849
State of Indiana Shelby County SS
                     Before me Jacob Vernon Clerk of the Probate Court of said County personally came Henry D. Andrews and being by me duly sworn says that the foregoing is a true and correct account of the sales of the personal and real Estate of Elijah Cartwright deceased as kept by him as Clerk of said sale. Henry D. Andrews Sworn to and subscribed before me this April 10th 1849
J. Vernon     Ck        

Sale Bill
Of the goods and chattels also real estate belonging to the estate of Elijah Cartwright late of the County of Shelby and state of Indiana deceast, sold at public venue held at the late residence of the said deceased, on the 31 day of March A.D. 1849
Sold To
$ cts
one sled John Hulse


one lot sundries Christopher Stump .18
spoons & knives Polly Bush .25
one bottell David Colclaiser paid .10
one tray Mickealbry Bush .12
one basket Christopher Stump .80
2 knives Joseph Bush senr .50
one well bucket David Campbell .40
one Ax Christopher Stump 2.12
one pot Benjamin Davis paid .56
2 augers Christopher Stump .26
one set of gears George A. Stump 1.4? [torn]
one powder horn Christopher Stump [torn]
one basket & bag Michaelberry Bush [torn]
one hat Christopher Stump [torn]
one set of double trees Linzy Leonard [torn]
one scythe & cradle A. J. Holmes [torn]
one bed stid Joseph Bush senr [torn]
one lot of waring cloths Joseph Bush sen [torn]
one plough Cumberland Stephens           [torn]
one do Charles Roberts [torn]
one hoe Nimrod Jackson .18
one lard stand & wheat Polly Bush .25
one lot hemp Nimrod Jackson .70
clover sead Joseph Bush senior 1.00
one lot beans Christopher Stump .16
one barrel Clark Ellis      .10
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Amt Brought over
one flax brake Christopher Stump .39
one lot bacon & ground per lb.     M. L. Burr 12.93 ¾
one do do do Joseph Bush senior 12.46
one lot lard Joseph Bush senior 1.10
one cow & calf Michelberry Bush 11.00
one cow Christopher Cobler 11.25
one yearling Nimrod Jackson 2.50
one wheat stack Woster D. Cleaver 26.40
one fat hog John Dargin


one Horse Joseph Oaldham [Oldham] 72.50
40 Acres of land Thomas Andrews 387.00
one half bushel measure W. W. Wilson paid .52
one tub & corn Christopher Stump 1.10
one lot broak flax Christopher Stump 4.00
one lot unbroke flax Christopher Stump 2.30
one lot lumber Christopher Stump 4.05
25 bushels corn per bushel at 27 Joseph Bush Junior 6.75
do do do at 27 ½ Charles Roberts 6.97
do do do at 26 Joseph Bush Junior 6.50
the residue of corn at 26 Joseph Bush Junior 7.54
torn scythe stone A. J. Holmes .06
torn bucket Nimrod Jackson .07 ½
torn Christopher Stump .25
torn Christopher Stump .37
torn Christopher Cobler .90
torn Linzey Leonard 1.10
torn A. J. Holmes 1.70
torn Christopher Stump 1.10
torn Christopher Stump 1.75
10 best hogs Christopher Stump 31.00
22 hogs David Campbell 21.65
2 sows & pigs David Campbell 10.00
1 log of cabage John Cartwrite [Cartwright] paid .20
1 pare of hames Christopher Stump



Contributed by Barb Huff

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