Order Book #4, 1863

George  P.  Weaver

          Comes Jeremiah Dungan and  Absalom H. Ritchie the appraiser heretofore = appointed by the Clerk of this Court in vacation and present an = inventory and appraisment of all the estate, real and personal of said = deceased which reads as follows to wit (here insert) [Phyllis and I have = no idea what is to be inserted here] from which it appears that all the = estate of said deceased amounts to less than three hundred dollars. = Whereupon the Court order that said property vest in the widow of said = deceased and the no letters of administration on said Estate.

[This is the information transcribed by the court recorder.  If anyone knows the whereabouts of
the estate bundle or copies thereof, please contact Melinda.  We will be happy to pay for copies.]

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