Frederick  W.  Miller,

Power Of Attorney Leuchtenburg

Power of Attorney Filed Feb 18 1914
Otto L. Coyle Clerk of Circuit Court Shelby County
Egbert, Fidlar & Chambers, Publishers of Law Books & Blanks Davenport, Iowa

            Know all Men by these Presents: That I, George Leuchtenburg  of the County of Scott State of Iowa do by these presents make, constitute, and appoint  Henry Stiegelmeyer  of the County of Shelby State of Indiana my true and lawful Attorney for me and in my place and stead to receive from the executor of the will of  Frederick W. Miller  my share of the legacy left to my mother  Katherine Leuchtenburg, deceased, and to give to said executor the proper acknowledgment or receipt for my share of said legacy.
            Giving and granting unto my said Attorney full power and authority to do and perform all and every act and thing whatsoever required and necessary to be done in and about the premises, as fully as I might or could do if personally present, reserving the right to revoke this Power at pleasure; and I hereby ratify and confirm all that my said Attorney may lawfully do in the premises by virtue hereof.
            In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this 14th day of February A.D. 1914.
George Leuchtenburg     (SEAL)    

State of Iowa County of Scott SS
            Be it remembered, that on this 14th day of February A.D. 1914 before me, the undersigned, a Notary Public in and for said County, came George Leuchtenburg to me personally known to be the identical person whose name is subscribed to the foregoing Power of Attorney, and acknowledged the execution of said instrument to be his voluntary act and deed, and that he executed the same for the purposes therein mentioned.
            Witness my hand and noterial seal the day and year first above written.
Wm. ?Hoerick     Notary Public in and for Scott County, Iowa    

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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