In re Ex Parte Petition of

Josephine Thurston, et al

Filed May 21, 1917
Cecil B. Collins,
Clerk Shelby Circuit Court

                                          )   SS:
County of Shelby               )

We, the undersigned, do solemnly swear that we will honestly appraise, at its fair cash value, the real estate ordered sold in the ex parte of petition of Josephine Thurston, et al, by the Circuit Court of Shelby
County, Indiana; so help us God.

Signed: Frank Drake              )
                                                                  )   Appraisers.
             Anderville Shaw         )

Subscribed and sworn to, this 21st day of May, 1917.

Signed: Carolyn Shuck,
Notary Public

My commission expires August 14th, 1919.

INVENTORY of the real estate ordered sold in said cause, made by
______________of the ____________and __________this 21st day of May, 1917.

Number       Description of Real Estate          Value

The east half of Lot Number 5 on Polk Street in
Hamiltonís Addition to the town (now city) of
Shelbyville, Indiana, 40 acres off of the south end
of the east half of the south west quarter of section
22 north and range 6 east.

Beginning at the southwest corner of the west
half of the south east quarter of section 22 in
township 12 north and range 6 east and running
thence east to the southeast corner of said Half
quarter section; thence north 9 chains an 23 links
to the stone; thence west 15 chains and 6 links to a
stone; thence north 22 chains and 57 links to a
stone 8 chains and 60 links south of the north line
of said half quarter section; thence west 25 chains
and 30 links to a stone 8 chains and 60 links south
of the north west corner of the east half of the
southwest quarter of said section 22; thence south
11 chains and 90 links to a point 19 chains and 90
north of the place of beginning, and thence south
to the place of beginning, containing 53.86 acres,
more or less.

The undersigned appraisers said first-described tract at $1600.00 and
said farm land at $140.00 per acre or $13140, and all of said real estate at
a total of $14740.00..

Attest: Frank Drake )
                                                       ) Appraisers
           Anderville Shaw  )

Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming.
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