Estate  of   Samuel  Vaughn,  dec'd

Final report
& resignation
Approved & Admx
W.J. BuckinghamJudge

F  I  L  E  D
Jul 30 1898
J.W. Pound /s/


The State of Indiana, Shelby County.
Circuit Court October Term 1898

In Re Estate of  Samuel  Vaughn  deceased

Sarah  R.  Brown administrator of the Estate of Samuel Vaugh [sic] deceased shows that she qualified as administrator of said estate but that said decedent had no property but she was under contract to pay all his funeral expenses at his death and support him during life by reason of a transfer of his real and personal property to her in his life time.
        She has paid
Philip Spaugh  funeral     82.00
 J E Keeling medical service     10.25
John Swanagan [?]           .50
Court Costs          5.00
Hord & Andrews        10.00

That there are no liabilities against said estate and no property to administer and she resigns her trust.

Attest  W A  Mitchell                                                            Sarah x R Brown
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 30th day of July 1898. A M Hord
Notary Public
Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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