Guardianship of

Jane  Fleming

Shelby Circuit Court No. 1915
Probate Guardianship of Jane Fleming a person of unsound mind
Henry Doble    Guardian
Petition to sell Real Estate at Private Sale
Filed March 18 1895     Wray & Campbell Attys for Guardian

--------- leaves 32 ft. front on West st by 100 ft deep ----- thence North on the East line of said lot 16 feet more or less to the place of beginning, being the part of said lot heretofore conveyed by  Franklin Richey  to  Isaac Fleming.  Said Guardian shows that all the personal property and Estate of said ward that has come to his knowledge or possession is the sum of $163.00 pension money received by said ward from the U.S. Government together with a pension of $12.00 per month since the 25th day of July 1894, and also the sum of about ___ Rents received from said real Estate.  Guardian shows that said ward has also about $11.00 worth of small articles of household goods which he has received nothing.  That said pension money and rents have all been expended in paying allowances against said trust and in the care and support of said ward.  That said ward has no personal Estate dependent upon the settlement of any Estate or the Execution of any trust and the annual rental value of wards real Estate will not exceed $70 or $75.  That said ward is of great age and very infirm, being 70 years of age or more, and an invalid and requires great care and attention and that said pension and rents are hardly sufficient for her care and support and to discharge the liens upon the real Estate aforesaid.  Guardian shows that said real Estate is a lot in Shelbyville as above described with a double house situate upon the part thereof owned by her and the strip on the south side thereof adjoining said wards part belonging to  Isaac Fleming, her son, as above described, and part of said house is owned by said ward and part thereof by said son Isaac Fleming.  That from its peculiar situation and structure it is difficult to rent the same to advantage for what the rents thereof should be and after the payment of taxes, insurance and repairs the net income therefrom is not large.  That a Mortgage has been placed upon part of said real Estate upon the interest & held therein by Isaac Fleming of $100.00 to  Peter Metzger  and also a Mortgage on said wards interest of $300.00 to said Metzger and that Isaac Fleming desires to sell his interest therein and will join with this guardian in the sale and conveyance of all of said real Estate so that the same may be sold to better advantage in that way.  That it will be greatly to the interest of said ward that her said real Estate be sold and the said Mortgage liens thereon be paid.  That she now resides with her son son-in-law O. C. Garrison.  Isaac Fleming in said property in said County who is caring for her and there is no good reason why her said real Estate should be held as is with the conflicting and confused interests connected therewith and said guardian required to pay interest on said Mortgage lien.  Said wards interest in said real Estate is of the probable value of one thousand dollars.  Said Guardian therefore asks an order of Court to sell said wards real Estate at private sale upon such without Notice thereof as the Court may direct and upon such terms for the payment of the purchase money in cash and deferred payments as the Court may order for the purpose of paying said Mortgage lien and for the purpose herein stated.

            Subscribed and sworn to before me this the 16 day of May 1895.
J. W. Powers Clerk                                

In the Guardianship of Jane Fleming, a person of unsound mind
Henry Doble Guardian
Application to Sell Real Estate
Appraisement of Real Estate
Filed March 18, 1895     J. W. Powers Clerk
March Term, 1895     Wray & C Attorney

State of Indiana In the Circuit Court of Shelby County
Shelby County          SS                                              : March Term, 1895

In the Matter of the Guardianship of Jane Fleming, of Unsound mind
Henry Doble Guardian

            Be it Remembered, That on the ____ of March 1895, it being the ____ Judicial day of said Term of said Court, the above Henry Doble Guardian filed his petition for the sale of the following described Real Estate, situate in the County of Shelby in the State of Indiana, to-wit:
            Lot number five (5) on West street in  Joseph L. Martz  addition to the city of Shelbyville, except that the North West corner of said tract or lot is cut at an angle of 45 degrees so as to make said angle line 8 feet as designated in the plat of said addition.  Except also the following part off of the entire South side of said lot, described as follows: commencing at a point on the East line of Lot number five (5) aforesaid, due East of the south line of the foundation wall of a certain frame dwelling situate on said lot before the addition thereto was built, and running thence due west to the West line of said lot thence South on said West line of said lot 16 feet more or less to the South line of said lot to the South East corner of said lot, thence North on the East line of said lot 16 feet more or less to place of beginning.
            And the Court having seen and inspected said petition, appoints  John Byers  and  Joseph H. Martz  respectable freeholders of the neighborhood, to appraise said Real Estate.
            Witness The Clerk of said Court, and the seal thereof, this 18 day of March 1895.
J. W. Powers     Clerk                     

The State of Indiana
Shelby County SS:
            Before me, the undersigned, a Notary Public in and for said County, personally came John Byers and Joseph L. Martz being first duly sworn say that they will honestly and impartially appraise the within described Real Estate.
John Byers         Joseph L. Martz     (SEAL)

Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 18 day of March 1895
        J. B. McFadden    Notary Public

            We, the undersigned, appraisers, appointed by the Shelby Circuit Court to appraise the within described Real Estate, do say that the same is worth in cash, Seven Hundred Dollars ($700.00)
                            John Byers         Joseph L. Martz 

Subscribed and acknowledged, this 18 day of March 1895
        J. B. McFadden     Notary Public

Transcribed by Barb Huff  for Phyllis Miller Fleming

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