Estate  of

A. Worland,

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Probate Order Book 5
Page 107


In the Matter of the Estate of Robert A. Worland deceased
            Be it remembered that on the Second day of June A.D. 1864, On the application of  Stephen D. Worland, I  Alonzo Blair Clerk of the Common Pleas Court of Shelby County, State of Indiana, in vacation appointed him Administrator of the Estate of  Robert A. Worland  deceased he having executed and filed his bond as such Administrator in the penal sum of Twelve hundred Dollars, with  Benedict Worland  as his security which Bond was approved and thereupon said  Stephen D. Worland, took and subscribed an oath prescribed by law and received his letters of Administration duly sealed with the seal of said Court and attested by the Clerk thereof and said Bond, Oath and letters read as follows  Towit (Here insert)
Attest Alonzo Blair     Clerk    

Transcribed by Barb Huff 

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