Estate  of

William  Ford,  dec'd

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Probate Order Book 4
Page 268


Thursday, 10th Day July Term 1862 July 17th
Leo Worland  Commissioner To Sell Lands of Fordís heirs


            Comes said Commissioner and files and presents to the Court a report of his proceedings, herein which report is verified by Affidavit and reads as follows, Towit: (here insert) And the Court after examining said report accept the same, and order said Commissioner be discharged from his said trust.


Thursday, 10th Day July Term 1862 July 17th

Petition  to  Sell  Real  Estate

In the Matter of The Estate of  Flora Wood  a Minor

            Comes  Harvey W. Robertson  guardian of said minor and files the following petition for the sale of the matter of his wards Land, and in said petition described Towit: The East Half of the following described tract of Land ToWit:

            All the North half of the west half of the South West quarter of Section Thirteen (13) Township Thirteen (13) North of Range five (5) East also the North half of the East half of the South East quarter of section No. Fourteen (14) Township & Range aforesaid. Also Eight rods in width off of the East side of the North half of the west half of the South East quarter of section fourteen (14) township and Range aforesaid Containing in all Forty Two Acres more or less; and said petition is verified by affidavit and reads as follows Towit: (Here insert) And the Court after examining all and singular the premises being satisfied of the propriety of selling said real Estate appoint  John McConnell  and  Henry Huntington  two freeholders of the neighborhood appraisers to appraise said real Estate.  And Thereupon come personally into open Court said appraisers and file their oath that they will appraise honestly and impartially appraise the interest of said minor in said real Estate at its fair cash value, which Oath is signed by them and reads as follows Towit: (here insert)  And said appraisers also file in open Court their appraisement which reads as follows Towit:  (here insert)  And said guardian upon being required by the Court executes files an additional Bond in the penal sum of Fifteen Hundred Dollars.

[Missing lines------] proved by the Court; which Bond reads as follows Towit:  (Here insert)  Thereupon said guardian is authorized empowered and directed by the Court to sell said real Estate at private sale but for not less than the full appraised value thereof upon giving notice as required by law in cases of sale of real Estate by Administrators upon the following Terms Towit:  One third of the purchase money to be paid in hand on day of sale, one third in Six Months and the remainder in Twelve Months from day of sale.  The deferred payments to be secured by note with approved freehold surety, waiving valuation and appraisement Laws, and drawing interest from date, and said guardian is ordered to report his proceedings Towit:  To which this case is ordered to be continued.


William Ford And Others

            Now at this time comes Leo H. Worland the Commissioner hererin appointed to sell the real Estate of  William Ford  deceased, by a former order of this Court and represents to the Court in writing Towit: (here insert) that he has received all the purchase money of sale of said Lands from  Green F. Burgess, and asks the Court to appoint a commissioner to make and execute to the said Green F. Burgess a deed of conveyance for the Tracts of land so sold to him as aforesaid reported to this Court Whereupon it is ordered adjudged and decreed by the Court that said Leo H. Worland be and he is hereby appointed a commissioner of this Court to make and execute to the said Green F. Burgess a Deed of conveyance for the tracts of land heretofore sold him, in this behalf and he is ordered to report such Deed to this Court at the present term.

            And now comes into open Court Leo H. Worland as such commissioner and brings and produces and here in open Court Acknowledges a Deed of conveyance by him made herein to the said Green F. Burgess and said Deed being by the Court examined is in all things fully approved and confirmed and is ordered to be recorded in the Complete record herein.

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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