Isaac  Leslie  Allen

Squire L. Vanpelt Guardian

Order Book 23 ˝ 

page 135   

Box 211

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Final Report and asks to be discharged
Dis March Term 1882  Examined and approved
Fee $1.00 H. C. Morrison Master Commir
Report of Commissioners
Report approved and Guardian discharged  K.M. Hord Judge
Filed March 13” 1882  Fred H. Chueden Clerk

State of Indiana 
Shelby County

To the Honorable the Judge of the Circuit Court of Shelby County Indiana
              The undersigned Squire L. Vanpelt Guardian of Isaac Leslie Allen minor heir of Zoraeda Ann Allen late of the County of Shelby and State of Indiana deceased, would respectfully show to said Court that on the 15” day of December 1879, he reported to said Court that he had
received from Mary E.O. kal of Colerado the sum of                 $375.00 
            Interest received                                       42.00 
            Amount chargeable                                $417.00

              Said Guardian asks credit of the following disbursements, to wit
 Paid to No. 1  E. B. Amsden Treasurer                                        3.27
 Paid to No. 2  Fred H. Cheuden Clk                                            6.12 
 Paid to No. 3  Harry Morrison Com.   Error                                 1.00
 Paid to No. 4  Major & Major Attys                                            5.00
Amount Paid                                                                   14.39
Amount said Guardian is chargeable                               417.00
Amount said Guardian is credited                                     14.39
Amount now due as per papers                                    $402.61

       And the undersigned would respectfully show to said Court that from this showing there is due to said Minor the sum of $402.61, but at the time he reported a certain sale, to wit   on the 15 December 1879 he showed in said report that he had received the sum of $375 in consequence of some difficulties arrising the purchaser Mrs. Mary E.O. kal only paid $300 but the undersigned has charged herself with the whole sum of $375.  And he further shows to said Court that his said ward is now of age towit, Twenty one years, that he has had a settlement with his said ward and adjusted with heir the difference of $75 as above set forth, and now files his receipt in full and asks to be discharged.                                           Squire L. Vanpelt

Sworn to and subscribed before me a Notary Public of Shelby County Indiana, this 13” day of March 1882.  Witness my hand and Notarial seal            Robert W. Wiles  Notary Public


Received of Squire L. Vanpelt my Guardian the sum of Four Hundred and Two dollars and Sixty one cents, less seventy five dollars as above set forth, the same being in full of what money my said Guardian Squire L. Vanpelt has belonging to me, and as full of all demands to date, and in full discharge.
  March 13, /82            Isaac Leslie Allen

Treasurer’s Office

Shelbyville, Ind, March 13 1882                                                                        No. 2004
              Received of S. L. Vanpelt Guard Leslie Allen Three Dollars and 27 Cents.  April - Nov Installment for State, County, School, Library, Special School, Township, Dog and Road Tax, for the year 1881 on the following described Property, Real Estate____ Personal ___ and Poll____ in Addison Township.                                            $3.27                                                       E.C. Amsden Treasurer of Shelby Co.


Guardianship of Isaac L. Allen                                                   March Term 1882 
S. L. Vanpelt  Guardian
              Received of the above named Guardian the sum of $6.12 in full of the costs accrued in the guardianship of the above entitled estate, on final settlement including $1.00 for H. C. Morrison as Master Commissoner. 
Shelbyville, Ind. March 13, 1882                Fred H. Chueden  Clerk
            Recd of Squire L. Vanpelt Guardian of Isaac Leslie Allen minor heir of Zoraeda Ann Allen dec’d the sum of Five dollars for services rendered.
  March 13, 1882     Major & Major  Attys

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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