Estate  of
John  Rice,  dec'd

Box 7

Amended  Petition  for  Final  Settlement

Thomas Cotton Admr     Estate of John Rice deceased
Amended Petition for final Settlement
Filed in Open court May Term 1837     S. B. Morris Clk

                The 2d Petition of  Thomas Cotton  administrator of the Estate of  John Rice  late of Shelby County deceased for final settlement and the said Administrator further represents that the following persons towit;  David Rice  of the State of Ky  Eve Smith  wife of  George Smith  dec’d late  Eve Rice  of Shelby County  Eusophrosena Rice  a minor of Shelby county Indiana  David Smith  and  Lucy Smith  his wife of the State of Ky.  Maddison Keller,  John Keller,  Sally Keller,  Nancy Keller,  Patsy Keller,  and  Elizabeth Keller  of Ky, children and heirs of  Magdalene Keller  formerly  Magdalene Rice  daughter of  John Rice  deceased, of the State of Kentucky,  Elizabeth Chriswell  late  Elizabeth Rice  daughter of said  John Rice  deceased and her husband  Elijah Chriswell  of Floyd County Indiana, Mary Farrow  late  Mary Rice  daughter of the said  John Rice  deceased, Esther Wood  late  Esther Rice  daughter of the said  John Rice  deceased and her husband  Richard Wood  of the state of Ky and  Michael Rice,  Nancy Funk  and her husband  John Funk  of the State of Ky are the legal heirs of said estate and that on the final settlement of said estate with this honorable Court will be entitled to their distributive shares of the estate after the payment of all debts against the estate and as it appears from accounts kept by the said John Rice in his lifetime that advances have been made to all of said heirs  The said Administrator hereby prays this honorable Court to order the said Resident heirs to be Summoned to appear on the 2 day of the next Term of this honorable Court to answer under Oath any advances which they may have received in their lifetime of the said John Rice deceased and that the said heirs who are not residents of this State be notified by publication of said final settlement and distribution.
Thomas Cotton         Administrator

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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