Guardianship of
Sarah,  Alonzo,  David  A. Weaver
Minor heirs of  Samuel Weaver, dec'd

Box 41 (Estate of Samuel Weaver, dec'd)


The guardian's papers for this trust have not been located in the vault. The following is a much dryer version, as recorded by the clerk of the Probate Court of Shelby Co, IN.

In the Matter of the Guardianship X
of Sarah Weaver, Alonzo Weaver X Grant of Letters
David A. Weaver, minors X

Mary Vice, Guardian.

          Be it remembered that on the 26th day of June, A.D. 1863, on the application of Mary Vice, I, Alonzo Blair, Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of the County of Shelby in the State of Indiana, appointed her guardian of the person and estates of Sarah Weaver, Alonzo Weaver, and David A. Weaver, minor heirs of Samuel Weaver, deceased, she having executed and filed her bond as such guardian in the penal sum of Twenty dollars with Jon Ayns as surety, which bond was accepted and approved; and thereupon the said Mary Vice took and subscribed the oath as prescribed by law, and received her Letters of Guardianship, duly sealed with the seal of said Court, and attested by the Clerk, and said Bond, oath and Letters read in the words and figures following, to-wit: (here insert)

Attest: Alonzo Blair, clerk

Guardianship of Sarah, Alonzo and David A. Weaver --- Letters granted
          The Court now here examines the action of the Clerk in vacation in granting the Letters of Guardianship in the above named matter, and the bonds and securities taken by said Clerk from said Guardian and do ratify and confirm the action of said Clerk in granting such Letters, and do approve the bonds taken as aforesaid.

Inventory of personal property of Samuel Weaver, decd.

Transcribed by Melinda Weaver

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