Final  Settlement
of  the  Estate  of

Lettie  Jane  (Brown)  (Mitchell)  Graham

As recorded in Shelby Co. Probate Order Book 42, pp. 188-189

Monday Morning 8 1/2 OClock January 15th 1894
Present the Hon. Wm. A. Johnson Sole Judge of this court

Estate of Lettie Jane Graham dec'd.     }           Final Settlement
William A. Mitchell Executor.              }
                                    Comes now William A. Mitchell as Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Lettie Jane Graham dec'd and proves to the satisfaction of the court by the affidavit of Edward A. Major Business Maniger of the Shelby Democrat a weekly news paper of general circulation printed and published in the city of Shelbyville Shelby County Indiana that due and legal notice of the pendency of said Report had been given by publication in said newspaper for two successive weeks prior to the day set for the hearing of said Report which notice and affidavit read as follows towit: (Here insert) and it is further proven to the satisfaction of the Court by the affidavit of said Executor that a like notice was by him posted at the Court House door in the city of Shelbyville more than two weeks prior to the day set for the hearing of said Report, which affidavit read as follows to wit: (here insert) and said Excecutor now submits to the court for confirmation and approval his final Settlement ... herein filed in the Clerks office of this Court December 19" 1893, and the same reads in the words and figures following to wit:
            State of Indiana Shelby County S. S.
            Shelby Circuit Court December Term 1893
In the matter of the Estate of Lettie Jane Graham dec'd William A. Mitchell Executor
            Now comes William A. Mitchell as Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Lettie Jane Graham deceased and shows to the court that on the 18" day of April 1892 the said decedent departed this life testate, that by the terms of her said will she bequeathed to her four children Thomas Swanagan John Swanagan Sarah Solomon and Ruth Solomon all of her Real Estate and to this Executor William A. Mitchell who was also a son of the decedent all of her personal property, after the payment of her debts.  That this Executor has paid and discharged all the debts and liabilities of said decedent and being the sole beneficiary therein has not made out or reported any sale bills or Inventories, That he has paid out on account of his trust the following amounts to wit:
No.1 Thomas Swanagan $50.00
      2 Ruth Solomon $20.00
      3 J. E. Keeling MD $20.00
      4 J. F. Taylor MD $5.00
      5 J. E. Keeling $21.28
      6 D. B. Wilson $100.00
      7 White & Co. $60.00
      8 Mary A. Sexton $5.00
      9 Hord & Adams $ 5.00
    10 Clerks fees $15.75
    11 W. S. Ray $ 3.00

That said Estate has been fully administered and all debts and liabilities have been paid and he asks to be discharged from his trust
W. A. Mitchell

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 18" day of December 1893               
                Erastus M. McDaniel
                Notary Public

[The record continues with approval of the account and discharge of the Executor.]
                                (signed) Wm A. Johnson

Submitted by Don T. Mitchell, great grandson of William A. Mitchell

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