Estate  of
Burwell  McNeely,  dec'd

Box 88


The estate of Burwell McNeely, dec'd.
In account with Alfred H. Haymond, as administrator for services rendered since the fifth day of November 1868:
April         To 2 days attending Burial of Nancy        
1869 Rucker, aunt of decedent at 2.00 4.00
  To 4 days attending court to filing
Petition for sale of real estate and
making report -- collecting & Co
Alfred H Haymond, Adm /s/                

Subscribed and sworn to this 11th day of November 1869.       JGWolf clerk /s/


Receipt #2

Recd March 1st 1871 of Alfred H. Haymond, administrator of the estate of Burwell McNeely, decd, sixty three dollars and seven cents, in part distribution of the personal estate of said decedent among his Heirs, of which John, Ella, George & Burnilla McNeely are infants and the undersigned their Guardian.
N M McColley /s/                

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