James  N.  Keith
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Probate Order Book 4
page 470
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Saturday 18th day July Term 1863 July 25th
Saturday Morning, 9 O’clock, July 25th 1863
The Court Met pursuant to adjournment
Present, Same as on yesterday

In the Matter of the Estate of James H. Keith, deceased
            At this time come into Open court Philip Miller and Ira G. Resor, the appraisers heretofore appointed by the Court to appraise the property of the said deceased, and file and present an Inventory of all the estate of said decedent, real or personal, which reads as follows, towit; (Here insert) From which it appears that all the estate of said decedent amounts to less than three hundred dollars. Whereupon the Court order that said property vest in, and the possession thereof, be given to the widow of said deceased, Mary Ann Keith, and that no Letters of Administration issue on said estate.
Transcribed by Barb Huff

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Petition for

Appraisement & Inventory

Filed in Open Court

July 24, 1863

A. Blair, Clk.

In Matter of estate of      }  In Shelby Common
James N. Keith, Decd.    }  Pleas Court
          Robert H. Vance for and in behalf of Mary Ann Keith, widow of James N. Keith, late of Shelby Countyy, Decd, represents and shows to the Court that on or about the 28th day of February, A.D. 1863, said Decedent departed this life in said County leaving no Real Estate and personal property not over Three Hundred Dollars and this he asks may be, by virtue of the laws, vested in her.
/s/ Robert H. Vance

Subscribed & sworn to in open Court this 24th day of July, 1863.
/s/ A. Blair, Clerk
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BX 32

Filed in Open Court

July 25, 1863
A. Blair, Clk

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An Inventory and Appraisement of the personal property of James N. Keith, deceased, taken & made by Philip Miller and Ira G. Rezor, Appraisers appointed for that purpose:

Description of Property                   Value

2 Calfs                                    4.00

1 sych cullivator shovel plow [illegible]  1.00

Jars and fruit                             1.00

1 set of chairs and stand table            2.50

2 beds and beding                         12.00

1 table and looking glass                  3.00

1 gray horse                              40.00

2 milk cows                               30.00

1 mare                                    20.00

1 wagon                                   18.00

1 field of wheat                          10.00

1 Breaking up plow                         1.50

1 barel and contents                       1.00

1 set of harness                            .50

7 hogs                                    11.00

4 barels                                    .75

1 clock                                    2.00

2 tubs                                     1.00

1 ax                                        .25

1 cubard and ware                          6.00

1 stove and vesels                         5.00

1 buro                                     2.00

1 bed and stid                             6.00


1 brass kettle                             1.00

1 kettle                                   1.50

1 carpet                                   1.00

1 log chain                                1.25

1 shovel                                    .50

1 scoop shovel                             1.00

1 set of gears                             3.00

1 pitch fork                                .40

1 dung fork                                1.00

1 horse strechers                           .25

1 side saddle                              3.00

1 lantern                                   .50

2 hoes                                      .25

3 dozen of chickens                        3.00

12 geese                                   1.20

1 Bell                                      .50


The foregoing appraisement signed by us this 24th day of July 1863.

/s/ Philip Miller/s/I G Reser

The State of Indiana     }
Shelby County              } SS.
          We Philip Miller and Ira G. Resor swear that the foregoing contains a full, ture and complete Inventory of all the property of James N. Keith, deceased, which has come to our Knowledge and that the appraisement thereof is just and true.  So help us God.

/s/ Philip Miller
/s/ I G Reser

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 24th day of July, 1863.

/s/ Alonzo Blair, Clerk

~ ~ ~

The State of Indiana, Shelby County, ss.

I, Alonzo Blair, Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of said County do certify that Philip Miller and Ira G. Resor, two reputable householders of Sugar Creek township in said County have this day been appointed by the Judge of said Court to appraise the real and personal property belonging to the Estate of James N. Keith, late of said County, deceased.

          In Witness whereof, I have hereto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court this 24th day of July, A.D. 1863

/s/ Alonzo Blair, Clerk


The State of Indiana, Shelby County, ss.

          We, Albert Edey and John Bradley swear that we will honestly and impartially appraise the property which was of James N. Keith, deceased, according to law. So help us God.

/s/ Philip Miller
/s/ I G Reser

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 24 day of July A.D. 1863.

/s/ A. Blair, Clerk.

 Transcribed by Antoinette Waughtel Sorensen

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