In The Matter of The Estate of

Andrew  Heifner,

Order Book 20   page 304

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Filed March 3" 1880
Fred H. Chueden Clerk

State of Indiana
Shelby county SS
            We  Peter Scheopel  and  James Kaster  solemnly swear that we will honestly appraise the personal property which was of Andrew Heifner late of said County deceased, which may be exhibited to us for appraisement
John Schoppele         James Kaster    

Sworn and subscribed before me a Justice of the peace of said County this 30th day of February 1880
Sampson Meeks     Justice of the Peace    

State of Indiana
Shelby County SS:
            We James Kaster and Peter Shepple, swear that the foregoing is a true, full and complete inventory of all the personal property belonging to the Estate of Andrew Heifner decd, Mentioned in the inventory hereto attached.
James Kaster         Peter Schoppele    

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 2d day of March AD 1880
H. S. Downey     Notary Public    

Shelby Circuit Court
No 48

In the Matter of the Estate of Andrew Heifner decd
Petition of Widow to Vest property
Filed March 1" 1880     Fred H. Chueden Clerk
J. B. McFadden    Atty for Petitioner
State of Indiana                              In The Shelby Circuit Court
Shelby County SS
            Be it remembered that on the 1st day of March AD 1880, personally came Susan Heifner of the County of Shelby and State of Indiana and represents to the Court that heretofore to wit" on the 11th day of February AD 1880, Andrew Heifner, her husband departed this life at said County, leaving no real Estate, but leaving personal property worth not over Five hundred dollars. And this she asks may vest in her.
Susan Heifner               

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st day of March AD 1880
Fred H. Chueden     Clerk

Shelby Circuit Court

Box 183
Inventory of property taken by the Widow of  Andrew Heifner  late of Shelby County Indiana Deceased
One Bay Horse 20 00
One Bay Mare 2 50
One set of heavy harness 8 00
One two Horse wagon 15 00
Five hogs 5 00
Two double shovel plows 1 00
One single shovel plow 1 00
One plow double tree   50
Part of an old wagon 1 00
One sled   50
One Harrow 2 00
One keg   50
One breaking plow 7 00
Two barrels   50
Sundries   50
One stove   50
Five pieces of Bacon 7 00
One jar and lard 1 50
Three buckets and 1 stove boiler 1 00
One jar and stove pot   50
One Breakfast table 1 50
Three chairs   25
One saw   50
One Rifle gun 3 00
One Bureau 1 50
Five and one half acres of growing wheat 15 00
Two third interest in seven Acres of growing wheat 12 00
Total amount

$  109


Transcribed by Barb Huff

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