Estate  of
Nancy  A. Swinford

Box 717 56- 161 252

In The Matter of The Estate of Nancy A. Swinford deceased
In the Shelby Circuit Court
Final Report of Administrator
Hearing set for Nov 14, 1906 M.O. Sullivan Clerk
Filed October 22, 1906 Approved Nov 15, 1906
M.O. Sullivan Clerk Shelby Circuit Court
Will M. Sparks Judge

State of Indiana
Shelby County SS:                     In the Shelby Circuit Court

                    In the matter of the estate of Nancy A. Swinford, deceased. Comes now George T. Swinford, administrator of the estate of Nancy A. Swinford, deceased, and shows to the court his doings in said trust.

Said administrator charges himself with the amount received for all sources,

the sum of----------------------------------------------------$1209.83

Said administrator asks credits as per vouchers herewith filed as follows-:
Voucher    # 1. R.L. Stewart   140.00
     " # 2. D. W. Ford 168.50
     " # 3. C.H. Perry  10.00
     " # 4. J.C. Shuman attys. Fees 20.00
     " # 5. Eda A. Smear, distribution    205.32
     " # 6.   Lewis Swinford  205.32
     " # 7. Viola Hartzel  205.37
     " # 8. Joseph Hartzel  nurse hire   50.00
     " # 9. George T. Swinford, distribution    205.32
     Total amount of disbursements  $1209.83

Leaving nothing in his hands as administrator.

Said administrator shows to the court that said decedent left as her sole and only heirs at law, this administrator, Lewis Swinford,  Eda A. Smear and  Viola Hartzel, and that he has paid to all of said heirs their distributive shares, in full of their interest in said estate, as shown by vouchers herewith filed.  Said administrator files herewith the receipt of the clerk showing costs paid in full, the same being paid by the heirs and not out of trust funds.
            Said administrator asks nothing for his services rendered in said trust.
Said administrator asks files this his final report in said trust, and asks that the same be in all things approved and that he be discharged from further liability in said trust. Geo. T. Swinford
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 22 day of Oct. 1906             M. O. Sullivan Clerk

Contributed by Barb Huff
Notes from Olive Lee:  This is my great-grandfather's sister.  If anyone else is connected please contact me and I'd be happy to share pictures of Nancy & her grown children, some grandchildren, etc.

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