Esther  Spurlin, dec'd

Petition  of  Pherigo  Heirs
to  Sell  Real  Estate

Shelby Circuit Court
March Term 1885

State of Indiana Shelby County Shelby Circuit Court March Term 1883

In the matter of the petition of John W. Pherigo et al
To sell real estate and reinvest proceeds

            Ida D. Pherigo, daughter of  John W. and  Esther Pherigo, a person of full age and  Stella J. Pherigo,  John M. Pherigo (Jr.),  Willie N. Pherigo,  James E. Pherigo,  Claudius A. Pherigo  and  Dale Pherigo, children and minor heirs of John W. and Esther Pherigo, by Will H. Isley their legally appointed guardian would show to the court that the said children herein named are the children of said John W. Pherigo and Esther Pherigo, the original petitioners in the cause, and thereby the terms of the will mentioned in the original petition, and a decree of this court, the said children are made beneficiaries under said will.  And that by agreement of the parties herein they ask the Court to make them parties to the said petition to sell said land therein named, and reinvest the proceeds thereof as prayed in said petition.  That your petitioners herein agree to and concur in all the proceedings had in said court.

Transcribed by Barb Huff
from the estate bundle of Esther Spurlin, deceased, Box 263

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