Estate  of

Sebastian  Worland,

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Probate Order Book 5 
Page 108

In the Matter of the Estate of Sebastian Worland, deceased
            Be it remembered that on the 20th day of June A.D. 1864, on the application of  Stephen D. Worland, I  Alonzo Blair  Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of Shelby County, in the State of Indiana in vacation appointed him Administrator of the Estate of  Sebastian Worland  deceased, he having executed and filed his bond as such Administrator in the penal sum of four Hundred and fifty Dollars, with David Louden as his surety which Bond was approved, and thereupon the said Stephen D. Worland took and subscribed an oath as prescribed by law and received his Letters of Administration duly sealed with the seal of said Court and attested by the Clerk thereof and said Bond Oath and Letters read as follows Towit (Here insert)
Attest Alonzo Blair Clerk
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Probate Order Book 4
Page 177

Wednesday, 3rd Day March Term 1862 Mar. 5th
Robert A. Worland  Admr of Estate of  Sebastian Worland  Dec’d
Elizabeth Worland et al
Report of Deed No. 6

            Comes now into open Court Robert A. Worland the Administrator of the Estate of Sebastian Worland Deceased who respectfully reports and shows to this Court that in pursuance to an order of this Court made at the July Term of this Court AD 1861, thereof he has conveyed by deed to Leo H. Worland, Peter Hushew,  John Hushew,  Tilson Wheeler,  Thomas Laws,  J. H. Newton  and  Edward Martin  the lands belonging to said Estate described in the partition heretofore presented and the order made for such sale. He asks that said deed be received and placed upon record.
            And the Court having seen and examined said Deed do now approve and confirm the same and order that it be entered in the complete record in this cause, and the same reads as follows Towit: (here insert)

Transcribed by Barb Huff 

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