Sarah A.,  James  &  Lafayette  Means,
minor  heirs

Joseph  Means,

Filebox 52

1853 1863

Shelby County Courthouse
Shelbyville, Indiana

Guardianship File Box 52 1863
Sarah A., James & Lafayette Means, minor heirs
Joseph Means, guardian

We Sarah Ann Means Jas R Means & Lafayette Means heirs of Robert Means Jr Late of Shelby County State of Indiana do Each for ourselves certify and state that we have each received of Joseph Means our guardian the sum of Fifty nine dollars on each of our becoming of the age of twenty one paid in full for our and each of our shares of the personal estate of Robert Means Jr deceased___by said Joseph Means as our said said guardian Witness our hands this 24th day of May 1863
Sarah A Watson
James Means
Lafayette Means

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Guardianship of
Sarah Means, et. al.

Recd. of Joseph Means, guardian of above wards Nine & 15/100 Dollars in full for clerks & Shffs fees in above matter _ being in full for all costs.
July 18, 1863 Blair, clk

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Recd of Joseph Means Guardian of the heirs of Robert Means decd two dollars and fifty cents in fee for services as atty, in settling said trust, July 18, 1863 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Davis, Hight & G___
back: Joseph Means Guardian Settlement Box 52 July 1863 487 Filed in open Court July 18, 1863 A. Blair clk. E Rec

In the matter of the Guardianship of Sarah A. Means James Means & Lafayette Means

Shelby Common Pleas Court

Joseph Means Guardian of said wards shows to the court that they have all arrived at full age, and he has settled with them and has paid to them each the sum of fifty nine dollars in full of their and each of their shares of all money & property in his hands belonging to them and he now files their receipt therefor No 1 ~
He has paid to A. Blair all costs in said trust No 2 - $9.15
He has paid attorneys fee 3 $2.50
And he asks to be discharged from said trust July 18 1863
Joseph Means
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Shelby County ss.

On this day  James Means and  William M. Joyce came personally into open court, and being duly sworn say that the matters and statements contained in the within report so far astated therein they believe to be true.
Wm. M. Joyce
James Means
subscribed and sworn to in open court, July 18 1863
A. Blair, Clerk

Contributed by Jeri Corbitt

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