Estate of

Matthew  Williams, dec'd

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Sale  of  Personal  Property


STATE OF INDIANA, SHELBY COUNTY         In the Circuit Court
In the Matter of the Estate of  Matthew Williams, Deceased

          Mitchell Ham  as the Administrator of the Estate of Matthew Williams, deceased would respectfully represent and show to the Court that pursuant to the order of this Court made at the March Term 1879 of this Court and entered in Probate Order Book 18 at page 258 of the records of this Court he has sold at private sale of the personal property of said decedent the following being the same mentioned in said order for the following sums towit:

          He shows that he has sold the five shares of stock in the Michigan Turnpike in said order mentioned
                    for the sum of $45.00
          That he has sold 1 Lot of tobacco therein mentioned for the sum of $10.00
          That he has sold the Eighteen acres of wheat mentioned therein after having threshed the same for $268.40
          That he has sold one lot of Ash Lumber therein mentioned for $8.58
          Total amount received for said property $331.98

And he refers to the appraisement at the sum of $103.25
          Showing that he has received in excess of the appraisement therefore the sum of $228.73

          Whereupon he asks the confirmation of this his request.
Mitchell Ham

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 6th day of October 1879.
Harry Morrison     Notary Public Shelby County Ind.

Transcribed by Barb Huff  for Linda Nugent Fuller

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