Estate  of  Mary  Davis,  minor  heir

E. H. Davis Guardian of Settlement Mary A. Davis

Report Box 38

December 30, 1857

Filed in open Court December the 30th 1857
Abe Miller Clerk

          The following is the account of  Eden H. Davis  as the guardian of  Mary A. Davis  infant heir of  Eberilla Davis  Decd.

          The said Guardian Charges himself with the proceeds of sale of Land $50.00
And the said Guardian claims Credit with the payment out of the following sums of Money to said Ward $50.00 
Eden H. Davis Guardian

Sworn to before me this 30th day of December 1857
Abe Miller Clk

Received of  Eden H. Davis as the Guardian of  Mary Azoline Davis  Now  Mary Azoline Smithers, my wife one hundred ninety fifty Dollars the Amount of money in full which came into his hands as Guardian for and belonging to my wife.
David Smithers

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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