Estate of

Catherine  Weir, decd

Estate of  Catharine Weir, dec’d                                            Petition to sell personal property
Henry Weir, Admr at private sale

            Be it remembered that on the 30th Day of September AD 1873, that being the 2” judicial day of the September Term of the Shelby Circuit court, Came into open Court, Henry Weir Administrator of the Estate of Catharine Weir deceased and submitted to the Court his petition for the Sale of certain personal property of said decedent at private sale, which is verified by Administrators affidavit and reads in the words and figures following towit (here insert) And the Court having examined the same and being satisfied that such private sale would be advantageous to said Estate does hereby authorize said Administrator thus to sell the same without Notice for not less than its appraised value thereof, to be ascertained as in cases of Sale of property on execution and make Report thereof to this Court during its present Term. And afterwards towit; on the 2” day of October 1873 it being the fourth judicial day of said September Term, Comes into open Court said administrator and submits to the Court for confirmation the following Report of the Sale of said personal property made by him pursuant to the Order of this Court at private sale towit;
            Henry Weir Administrator of said Estate reports to the Court that pursuant to the Order of the Court made at the present September Term thereof 1873 authorizing and directing him as such Administrator to sell at private sale without Notice sixty three 13/100 Bushels of Wheat belonging to said Estate for not less than the appraised Value thereof, he did in the 1st day of October 1873 offer the said wheat for Sale at private Sale as aforesaid and  Elliott & Co. offered therefore the Sum of One Dollar and ten cents per Bushel and no one bidding more and that being more than the appraised value thereof the said Wheat was sold to said Elliott & Co, for the price aforesaid amounting to $69.50, who therefore paid said Sum in cash and said Administrator brings into Court said Sum of $69.50 and asks that the said Sale be confirmed.
Henry Weir                    

            Subscribed and sworn to before me the undersigned a Notary Public in and for said County this 1” day of October 1873
James Harrison Notary Public (SEAL)

            And the Court having examined said Report and being satisfied that the Sale therein reported has been made in accordance with the law and orders of Court in the premises confirms the same and orders that the said Administrator stand charged with the proceeds thereof and account therefore in his future Reports in this Administration.

Estate of Catharine Weir, deceased
Henry Weir Administrator
Final Settlement

            Be it remembered that on the 9” day of the March Term of the Shelby Circuit Court in said year comes into open Court the above named Administrator and files and submits to the Court for confirmation and approval his Report of Final Settlement and distribution among the heirs of said Estate which Report reads in the words and figures following towit:
            Henry Weir, Administrator of the Estate of Catharine Weir deceased, in account current for final Settlement, Said Administrator charges himself with
the amount of the inventory and appraisement on file $819.06
Interest collected as follows on Note against Henry Wier        13.30
Interest collected as follows on Note against Henry Wier 13.33
And Judgment against Samuel Wier 10.50
Excess of Sales over appraisements     40.90

And he claims credit for sums paid out as follows
No. 1 James Harrison Attorney $ 5.00
No. 2 James Harrison Attorney 5.00
No. 3 Same 25.00
No. 4 Same 10.00
No. 5 Joseph Cummins for Coffin 40.00
No. 6 Elliott & Co. Storage of Wheat 1.89
No. 7 J. & J. Pool for Monument 150.00
No. 8 J. M. Sleeth Treasurer For Year 1872 27.09
No. 9 S. D. Day medical attendance 4.50
No. 10 Adam Smith for hauling wheat 4.20
No. 11   John Hoop for printing Notices 7.50
No. 12 Daniel Bradley for appraising property .50
No. 13 Daniel Snyder appraising property .50
No. 14 Henry Barlow account 1.40
No. 15 Peter Andrews hauling for monument 1.50
No. 16 J. H. Rittenhouse Clerk at sale 1.00
No. 17 S. Robert for labor erecting monument 1.00
No. 18 S. J. Lewis medical attendance 2.50
No. 19 William Weir account 9.00
No. 20 David Snyder for crying sale 2.50
No. 21 M. R. Gilmore medical attendance 17.50
No. 22 J. H. Rittenhouse account 2.00
No. 23 Same 4.85
No. 24 Hannah Bradley 5.00
No. 25 William Wier 1.50
No. 26 William Wier heir in part distribution 18.85
No. 27 Hannah Bradley heir in part distribution 22.20
No. 28 John Elliott Clerks costs in full 10.60
No. 29 James Harrison Attorney 10.00
Administrators services for 16 days in full 40.00
Amount balance paid Clerk $464.71
Amount paid Wm. Wier part distribution 18.85
Amount paid Hannah Bradley heir distribution          22.50
Total amount for distribution $505.76

State of Indiana Shelby County
            Henry Wier, Administrator of the Estate of Catharine Wier, deceased, swears that the above account by him presented is correct and true, and he asks to be discharged from further duties of his said trust.
Henry Wier            

            Subscribed and sworn to before me this 9” day of April 1874.
John Elliott         Clerk            

In the Estate of Catharine Wier dec’d                                                             Shelby Circuit Court
            Henry Wier presents his application to the Court to share in the distribution of said Estate, and says that the decedent left no husband, that she left her surviving eight children, towit;  Samuel,  John,  Henry  and  William  and  Sarah Ann  intermarried with  Albert Edie,  Catharine intermarried with  A. P. Hacker Hannah  intermarried with  John Bradley, dec’d  and  Susan Sleeth  intermarried with  Wesley Sleeth, dec’d all of whom are adults, and  William Able  and  Henry Able  minor children of  Mary Eliza Able (late Wier) and  Ashford Able, dec’d and grandchildren of said Catharine Wier dec’d who reside with your petitioner in Rush County Indiana. Your petitioner is Guardian of said  William and  Henry Able, and shows to the Court his letters of Guardianship.  He asks that one ninth part of the fund for distribution be paid to him in his own right, and one ninth in right of his said wards.
            Subscribed and sworn to this 9” day of April 1874.                 John Elliott Clerk

Order of distribution
Total amount for Distribution $505.76

1. Samuel Wier entitled to Rec’d of J. Elliott Clerk 56. 19 5/9     Samuel Weir
his X mark
2. John Wier entitled Daniel Bradley 56. 19 5/9 Atty for John R. Weir
3. Henry Wier entitled Daniel Bradley 56. 19 5/9 Paid by Clerk
4. Wm. Wier has received $18.85 Balance 37. 34 Paid by Clerk
5. Sarah Ann Edie entitled to 56. 19 5/9 Paid by Clerk
6. Catharine Hacker entitled to 56. 19 5/9 Paid by Clerk
7. Hannah Bradley has received $22.20 Balance 33. 99 Paid by Clerk
8. Sarah Sleeth entitled to July 24, 1874 56. 19 5/9 Paid by Clerk
9. Henry Wier, as Guardian of  William and Henry Able    
minor heirs of Mary Eliza Able deceased 
   56. 19 5/9 Paid by clerk
464. 71






            And the Court having seen and Examined said Report and vouchers and being fully satisfied that said Report is true and correct—that said Estate has been fully administered upon accepts and confirms the same as a final settlement of said Estate and orders that said Administrator be fully and finally discharged from said trust herein.
            And it is further ordered that the Clerk of this Court pay over to said several parties the amounts set opposite their respective names in the order of distribution as their distributive share in said Estate and take their receipts therefore on this Record.

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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