BOX  797 

No. 114

In the matter of the Township Trustee’s petition
to have dependent children placed in Home.

James H. Williams  


Esta  Keller,  Harry  Keller,
Clara  Keller  and  Daniel  Keller

State of Indiana
County of Shelby                      In the Juvenile Court              May Term 1915

To the Hon. Alonzo Blair Judge of the Court: 

      The undersigned James H. Williams, represents and shows to the Court that he is the township trustee of Addison township, Shelby County, Indiana, and has been such trustee since January 1st, 1915; that as such Trustee it is his duty to look after the poor children of the Township who have been deserted or any child that has neither father nor mother to depend upon.

      He further shows to the Court that the following named children are now dependent upon the township for their support and maintenance, that their father  George Keller  is now in the Michigan City serving a sentence with no immediate prospect for his release; that the mother of said children  Etna Keller  is a pauper of this township, and has been assisted as such pauper during the past six months, and is wholly destitute and without means to support the children:  That said children names and ages are as follows;  Esta Keller Ten years old,  Harry Keller Seven years old,  Clara Keller Five years old and  Daniel Keller Twenty months old.

      Said trustee further shows that said children are entirely dependent upon the township for support and maintenance, said parents being unable to furnish any support for said children.  Said Trustee represents and shows to the Court that he believes it will be to the advantage of said four children to be placed in the Gordon Orphan Home of said County.

      He therefore asks the Court for an order directing him to place said children and dependents in said Orphan’s Home, and he asks for such other orders as may be proper in the premises.       J. H. Williams 

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 19th day of July A.D. 1915.
                                           Thomas H. Campbell  Notary Public
                                           Commission expires December 3d, 1916

Contributed by Barb Huff

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